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ZLOG Class 2017Research interests
Shwethika Adusumalli Supply Chain Risk Management, Supply Chain Strategy, Integration of New Product Development and Supply Chain, Operations Management, Supply Chain Planning and Optimization
Shwethika Adusumalli Resume

Ashish Thomas Augustine Network Design & Route Optimization, Distribution Systems, Order Management Systems, End to End Supply Chain Planning, S&OP Planning, Operations Management, Supply Chain Information Systems
Ashish Thomas Augustine Resume

Marcos Benedí Ibañez Supply chain cost Savings, Warehouse Distribution
Marcos Benedí Ibañez Resume

María Canellas Sustainability, Optimization and usage of ict in Supply Chain Management
María Canellas Resume

Lakshmanan Chinnanchetty End to End Supply Chain Planning, Inventory Management, Network Optimization & Demand planning
Lakshmanan Chinnanchetty Resume

Cristina Escribano End to End Supply Chain Design, Supply Chain Integration, Operations Improvement
Cristina Escribano Resume

Rodrigo Falcao Gomes Supply Chain Strategy And Design, Urban Logistics, Reverse Logistics, Circular Economy, Technology Applied To Supply Chain Management, IoT In Supply Chain, Value Chain Integration
Rodrigo Falcao Gomes Resume

Romina García Digitalization of the Supply Chain, Integral Logistics, Continuous Improvement, Operations, Supply Chain Strategy
Romina García Resume

Jose Ramón Gene Supply, Demand, Inventory, Strategy and Management
Jose Ramón Gene Resume

Victor Ghetti Supply Chain Transparency, Transportation Logistics
Victor Ghetti Resume

Farshid Izadi Inventory and Order Management; Big Data Analysis; Business Data Visualization; Green Supply Chain and Recycling
Farshid Izadi Resume

Talha Kamal Sales & Operations Planning, Supply Chain Network Design & Optimization, Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Strategy and Analytics, Global Supply Chains & Risk Management, Logistics Services
Talha Kamal Resume

Sailesh Kolachana Supply Chain Analytics, Internet of things, End-to-end Visibility in Supply Chains, Strategy and Finance
Sailesh Kolachana Resume

Yikun (Rebecca) Li Inventory forecasting
Yikun (Rebecca) Li Resume

Ifeany Peter Obijiaku Retail Supply Chain, Supply Chain Risk, Supply Chain Design
Ifeany Peter Obijiaku Resume

Beverly Elaine Osborn Supply Chain Information Systems, Project Planning, Forecasting, Risk Management, Emergency Management, Analytics, Sustainability
Beverly Elaine Osborn Resume

Manuel Parodi Supply Chain Information Systems, Risk Management, Supply Chain Strategy and Project Management, Supply Chain Integration
Manuel Parodi Resume

Rishi Prakash Global Sourcing, Indirect Procurement & Contracts, IT Integration in Supply Chain-Related Activities, End to end visibility in SC, Lean and agile SC Strategies and their relationship with the Product
Rishi Prakash Resume

Ritesh Ranjan Supply Chain Design & Optimization and Risk Management, System Dynamics, Inventory and Logistics management, Operations Management & Strategy, Supply Chain Planning
Ritesh Ranjan Resume

Greivin Rodriguez Calderón Warehouse (Design Layout-Inventory Goods, Flow), Supply Chain Management (Global Transport Network, Carbon Footprint, and Capital Goods), SME’s into Global Chain
Greivin Rodriguez Calderón Resume

Andrés Ricardo Rosas Supply Chain Strategy and Design, Product Lifecycle and Inventory planning, IOT in Supply Chain, Value Chain Integration
Andrés Ricardo Rosas Resume

Pierre Sfeir Management, Supply Chain Strategies, Risk management, Supply chain Network & Dynamics
Pierre Sfeir Resume

Arturo Rubén Sifuentes Procurement, Inventory Systems, Warehouse Management, Demand Planning
Arturo Rubén Sifuentes Resume

Ashish Sridhar Last Mile Delivery, Supply Chain Globalization, Global Sourcing, Supply Chain Economics, Logistical Strategies, Comparison of Logistical Norms in different Global Markets
Ashish Sridhar Resume

Josep Zambrano Project management, Operations planning, Supply Chain Management, Production and inventory planning, Business, Technology applied to Supply Chain Management, Finance and Costs Optimization
Josep Zambrano Resume