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The National Center of Excellence in Logistics (CNC-LOGISTICA), is a networked center whose mission is to contribute to improving business competitiveness and generate knowledge in the field of integrated logistics. CNC-LOGISTICA was recognized as a National Competence Center by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science through a Framework Constitution Agreement signed in 2006.

CNC-LOGISTICA is comprised of the following technology science stakeholders in the field of integrated logistics:

CNC-LOGISTICA activities has been coordinated through its headquarters located at the Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) until 2014.  Nowadays ZLC acts as Vice-Chair of the Association.

In order to coordinate CNC-LOGISTICA activities, ZLC has received co-financing from the European Social Fund as part of the PROJECTARAGON program, which is included in the European Social Fund operational program 2007-2013.

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