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The Technology Platform in Logistics, Intermodality and Mobility, Logistop, was constituted as an intersectoral and multidisciplinary working forum, which is open to the participation and incorporation of all stakeholders with interests in the field of integrated logistics, intermodality, transport and mobility. It is configured as a tool to serve its members which conducts and fosters activities to stimulate, mobilize and articulate the critical mass of innovation needed and to align public and private strategies in R+D+i, to generate knowledge and highlight it in order to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of the logistics, intermodality and mobility (goods and people) businesses in Spain. Therefore, it brings together companies that lead not only the group but also technology centers, universities and other research bodies.

Logistop is a technology platform which was recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation as such in November 2005 and was officially launched in June 2006.

The platform secretariat is run by CNC-LOGISTICA through Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC).

In order to coordinate the platform’s activities, ZLC receives assistance from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation as part of the National Networks Program under the National R+D+i Plan 2008-2011, as well as co-financing from the European Social Fund as part of PROJECTARAGON program, which is included in the European Social Fund operational program 2007-2013.

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