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Zaragoza Logistics Center is taking part in the Operative Program 2007-2013 of the European Social Fund through PROYECTARAGON operation. The objective is to improve the qualifications of the human capital in Aragón in the logistics area. This improvement should reflect in the increase of competitive improvements for companies from Aragón and subsequently should create more capital and qualified job opportunities in the logistics’ area of Aragón. This operation is part of the 3rd axis of Human Capital Improvement, priority topic 74 “Human potential development in research and innovation”.

Specifically the actions taken by Zaragoza Logistics Center are:

  • LEARNING ACTION: postgraduate and PhD program, and scholarship program to allow an improvement in researchers and technical staff, especially for women.

  • CIRCULATION ACTION: to allow the transfer of knowledge and the circulation of the latest innovation to local and international level and of the latest achievements obtained worldwide, in particular, good practices and latest advances in the management of logistics which contribute to a sustainable development.

    This area includes actions such as:
      • Global Health Summit
      • RFID Group
      • Transportation Group
      • Supply chain & Finance Institute
      • scmLab
      • Speaker Series
      • Fundación Círculo Cooperation

  • ACTION WITH OTHER COMPANIES I: Set off several pilot programs with logistic leading companies in different areas of the supply chain, among them the ones placed in Plaza, (taking in consideration also other platforms from Aragon, PLATEA Huesca, Fraga) with the aim to achieve the practical application and the industrial branch transference of the research innovations. This action will be taken within the framework of Plataforma Tecnológica en Logística Integral, Intermodalidad y Movilidad, Logistop.

  • ACTION WITH OTHER COMPANIES II: Set off a cluster of companies (ALIA, Asociación de Logística Innovadora de Aragón) that allows the diagnosis of the improvement needs in the supply chain of the company from Aragón through I+D+i and specialized training of human resources.