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Newsletter Issue #35, 2016

New Tool Brings Logistics Carbon Emissions into Sharp Focus
New Tool Brings Logistics Carbon Emissions into Sharp Focus

Companies can calculate the overall carbon footprint of a logistics operation using readily available estimation tools. However, to implement meaningful management decisions about cutting CO2 emissions, a more detailed analysis is necessary. The Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC), Zaragoza, Spain, in collaboration with multinational business group INCLAM, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, have developed a tool that provides a granular view of logistics carbon footprints that employs user-friendly visualization technology.

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Alumni Success Story

Alberto Blanco

Alberto Blanco, MDSC 2007

With a solid background of extensive experience in the logistics sector, plus employment in companies such as Carreras Group - one of the leading logistics leaders in business for more than 80 years - Mr. Blanco is now facing the challenge of his most recent appointment, Directing the Máster en Dirección de Supply Chain (MDSC), himself having been a student a decade ago.

“With the official launch of the Alumni Club, we are planning to organize networking events and a series of seminars with industry experts. Our alumni are welcome to attend”.

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  • 13 professionals from SAICA participate in the Executive Education program "Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Management" Picture
  • Adrian Lee from ORACLE conducts an industry session to ZLOG students. Picture
  • Alberto Blanco, MDSC Director at ZLC, gives a talk on "Analysis and Collaboration, Key to Operational Efficiency" during the Logistics & Distribution Event in Madrid. Picture
  • Laura Wagner successfully defended her Doctoral Thesis with Cum Laude on "Product Fraud in Supply Chains: The Case of Deceptive Counterfeit" Picture
  • ZLOG Supply Chain Club brings Dave Manning from The Delos Partnership to conduct a session. Picture
  • Dr. Marcus Lee, Co-Chairman of the International China Investment Forum (ICIF) visits ZLC. Picture

ZLC Calendar

  • Feb 25 - First ZLC Annual Alumni Reunion. Brussels, Belgium.
  • Apr 7 - Executive Education "Leading your Value Chain Transformation" in collaboration with Accenture Strategy. Brochure
  • May 18-19 - ERS 2017 in collaboration with CSCMP and IE Business School. Barcelona, Spain. Info
  • May 29-30 - Global Supply Chain Research Forum 2017. Zaragoza, Spain. More info to follow.

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