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Blended Class 2019Research interests
Hani Alkhatib How Logistics influencing the metabolism of cities, Logistical Infrastructure [Ports, logistics hubs, etc.], The ancient and the new silk Road and its impact on cities, Humanitarian Logistics
Hani Alkhatib Resume

Adriana Aragón Humanitarian logistics, CPG supply chains, reverse logistics in product recalls
Adriana Aragón Resume

Poornima Baba Application of data Science, Big data, Machine learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence in supply chains & its sustainability, Energy supply chains
Poornima Baba Resume

Gilmar Centeno Mejia Predictive logistics, Logistics technology as a service, Supply Chain Analytics and Automation
Gilmar Centeno Mejia Resume

Sergio Correa Santis Inventory Management, Machine learning apply to Supply Chain, Demand Forecasting, Optimization with Cplex & Python
Sergio Correa Santis Resume

Muhammad Nasir Khan Last Mile delivery in Megacities
Muhammad Nasir Khan Resume

Shantanu Patil Supply Chain Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Analytics, Optimization, Regulation Compliance, Strategy, Network Design
Shantanu Patil Resume

Cándido Pérez Costela Operation Management, decision- making, behavior finance
Cándido Pérez Costela Resume

Francisco Javier Suarez Logistics, Operations, Inventory
Francisco Javier Suarez Resume

David Uherka Cost optimization
David Uherka Resume