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Jose Manuel Garza
Engagement Manager
Axia Value Chain (USA)
(ZLOG Class of 2008)

1. Describe your current job responsibilities:
As a consultant I am responsible for developing a workflow in the project I am part of. There are different components in the workflow, from client relations through to crunching numbers or developing a hypothesis.

2. Describe your career path before you attended ZLOG:
Before joining the MBA Program in the Instituto de Empresa and starting ZLOG, I worked for a relatively new consulting company based in Mexico. This consultancy developed projects for SMEs and blue chip companies on different fronts, from operations to strategic issues. However, the bulk of the projects were focused on the operational side of their business´.

3. Why did you decide to attend ZLOG?
I remember that 6 months before traveling to Madrid to join the MBA Program, I was agreeably surprised to learn that there was this opportunity to get a dual degree. I learned more about this option and once in Madrid I got to talk to some of the students then at ZLOG, from whom I heard how advantageous the program for was for them in all respects. Apart from this, I had always liked the subject and thought that the combination of the general with the specific would suit me.

4. What are the most valuable benefits you gained through your ZLOG experience?
I think the experience itself was the most valuable benefit. Being surrounded by the best researchers in the world, with excellent students in a demanding setting, and if this were not enough, having a friend in each one of them made the whole experience life-changing. In terms of analytical skills, I think it was the ability to see the overall picture and, at the same time, be aware that the success of any initiative is in the detail. As we used to say in our class, there was much more to some cases we studied than just "economies of scale" and we really got into the detail of the case study.

5. How did your ZLOG degree impact upon your job search?
It certainly opened more doors that otherwise would not have been available to me. I would say that most of my classmates had three offers or more on graduation.

6. Does your ZLOG education affect the way you currently do your job?
I would say that it does. It has enabled me to be more aware that the "devil is in the detail".

7. What would you say to any prospective student thinking for joining the ZLOG program?
Weight the pros and cons of studying this type of engineering program. Once you realize that a supply chain management program is for you, work for it and you will have the chance to study among some of the best students and professors in the world.