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Kirsten Curtis
Director of Demand Planning and Business Intelligence
Safeway (USA)
(ZLOG Class of 2007)

1. Describe your current job responsibilities:
I am the project manager for a program in which we are outsourcing sub-assemblies of one of our products.  The subassemblies contain thousands of parts and come from over 100 different suppliers.  My job, thus far, has been to analyze the assemblies’ supply chain, present an ROI for the project, help create bid packages for potential suppliers, and manage the project plan.

2. Describe your career path before you attended ZLOG:
Before I attended ZLOG, I didn’t really have a career path.  I worked for 1 year in sales/marketing, and then as an account manager at a consulting firm.

3. Why did you decide to attend ZLOG?
I decided to attend ZLOG because I was seeking direction and a career path, and supply chain management looked interesting.  I researched what supply chain managers in my area were making, the demand employers had for them, and what all I could do with a degree.

4. What are the most valuable assets you gained through your ZLOG experience?
The most valuable assets I gained include learning how to analyze risk and incentive in a supply chain, learning the basics of project management, being able to analyze a case study, and having a better understanding of the relationships between suppliers and customers.  Additionally, I use the EOQ formula quite a bit.

5. How did your ZLOG degree impact your job search?
I attribute finding my job to my ZLOG degree and my professional network.  Employers are in demand of supply chain managers, and having those buzz-words on my resume helped tremendously.

6. Does your ZLOG education affect the way you currently do your job?
Yes.  I’m in a position to think about contract negotiation, lead times, safety stocks, etc.

7. What would you say to a prospective student thinking about joining the ZLOG program?
I would absolutely recommend the ZLOG program to any student who wanted to boost their career and delve into supply chain management.  I would also strongly encourage students, should they decide to attend ZLOG, to be serious about their studies because it’s a short program and there is a sea of knowledge to be gained.