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ZLOG Class 2019Research interests
Jaime Arostegui Simulations for continual improvement process, Technology applied to the supply chain, Network design, Retail logistics, Process optimization, Data analysis
Jaime Arostegui Resume

Giuliano Babbini Large scale transformational programs regarding Logistics and Integrated Planning optimization trough the adoption of new technologies and operational models. Focus on Consumer Goods, Retail and Agrib
Giuliano Babbini Resume

Lorena Callejas Resource Optimization and Cost Reduction
Lorena Callejas Resume

Gloria Corella New technologies
Gloria Corella Resume

Santiago Cuadrado Ti Financial Supply Chain Management, Smart Factory Logistics, Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Resilience
Santiago Cuadrado Ti Resume

Damián Diéguez Logistics Analytics, Inventory Management, Logistics Clusters
Damián Diéguez Resume

Pablo Fernandez Espinoza E-commerce impact in supply chains and last mile delivery nowadays. Internet of things and its impact in global supply. Supply chain strategies for internet of things. Supply planning and S&OP (Sales
Pablo Fernandez Espinoza Resume

Miguel García Project Management, Leadership, Supply Chain Strategy, Operations Strategy and IA
Miguel García Resume

Nadja Gassner Relationship between flexibility and supply chain resilience, Humanitarian Supply Chain, Inventory Management
Nadja Gassner Resume

Carlos Illades Boy Operations, JIT/lean manufacturing, materials management, auto-parts distribution and multi-echelon Supply Chain, the digitization of the Supply Chain, S&OP
Carlos Illades Boy Resume

Ha Byul Kim Project Management with EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) industry,Global Strategy for Procurement and Supply Chain Management in Manufacturing and Pharmaceutic industry
Ha Byul Kim Resume

Diego Maldonado Gutiérrez Optimization models, Demand and Inventory Management, Blockchain applications in the Supply Chain
Diego Maldonado Gutiérrez Resume

Isaac Mccracken NGO functions and objectives; population distributions; geospatial applications; resource optimization chingry, functions, and objectives; Population distributions; geospatial applications; Austrian E
Isaac Mccracken Resume

Guillermo Nieva Sánchez Blockchain applied to Logistics, Inventory Optimization, Machine Learning, BigData, Statistics, Lean Six Sigma, Reverse Logistics, JIT Planning
Guillermo Nieva Sánchez Resume

Nathalie Outeiro García
Nathalie Outeiro García Resume

Humberto Pardi Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Supply Chain Disruptions
Humberto Pardi Resume

Valeria Paterno Demand Forecasting, Inventory Management technology, Decision Making strategies, Project Management
Valeria Paterno Resume

J. Alejandro Sandoval Natusch Joint planning and roles in supply chain collaboration, Warehouse Optimization and Last Mile Logistics
J. Alejandro Sandoval Natusch Resume

Pau Seres Cortadellas Disruptive business models in Supply chain, Supply chain resilience, Demand and operations planning
Pau Seres Cortadellas Resume

Walter Soriano Supply Chain strategies, Inventory optimization, reverse Logistics & advanced forecasting for worldwide and expanding companies
Walter Soriano Resume

Juan Toruño Operations strategy and management, data management and supply chain management
Juan Toruño Resume

Cavit Çaglar Tosun Applications of Machine Learning in Supply Chain, Predictive Analytics (failure predictions, shipping delay predictions etc), New Product Forecasting
Cavit Çaglar Tosun Resume

Ana Vianna de Souza Forecasting, Demand/Supply planning, Project and risk Management
Ana Vianna de Souza Resume

Richard Ward Mega-city logistics, last mile logistics, network orchestration
Richard Ward Resume