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ZLOG Class 2018Research interests
Javid Abbasov Optimization of delivery and production cycle through start-ups and application of new technology, Creation of new approaches to SCM and Logistics, Expanding operations to unconventional markets
Javid Abbasov Resume

Pilar Albar Bello How big global companies as Amazon and Inditex with such challenging supply chains and logistics work to be so efficient
Pilar Albar Bello Resume

Javier Barros Valdés Retail Logistic, Advance forecasting, Machine Learning, Big Data, Omnichannel Logistics, Internet of things
Javier Barros Valdés Resume

Ricardo Cabral Rivera Transport Planning and Technology, JIT/lean production, Supply Chain Flexibility and Green Supply Chain Management
Ricardo Cabral Rivera Resume

Fernanda Caropresso
Fernanda Caropresso Resume

Ignacio Castañeda Lastagaray Coordination between different areas of the supply chain,vendor management process, procurement data collection & analysis, impact of machine automation on jobs
Ignacio Castañeda Lastagaray Resume

Rubchai Chinsuwan Retail Logistics, E commerce Logistics
Rubchai Chinsuwan Resume

Lokesh Deivasigamani
Lokesh Deivasigamani Resume

Harrison Dow Global sourcing, Resource Allocation and Supply Chain Finance
Harrison Dow Resume

Bruna Fernandes Basile Supply Chain Security & Risk Management, Forecasting, Optimization, Inventory Management, Transport & Urban Mobility, Green Supply Chains and Humanitarian Logistics
Bruna Fernandes Basile Resume

María Inés Gallo Pérez Fast-moving consumer goods or pharmaceutical industries, Meeting demand with supply chain planning, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma
María Inés Gallo Pérez Resume

Carmen Gómez Sánchez Process improvement, Lean manufacturing, Change management, Business resilience
Carmen Gómez Sánchez Resume

Carolina González Nanoscience, Industry 4.0, IoE, Thought leadership, Customization, Fulfillment, Storage and Distribution
Carolina González Resume

Soukaina Hamimoune Improving the supply and warehousing of dangerous and hazardous materials, inventory and order management, big data analysis, supply chain information systems
Soukaina Hamimoune Resume

Lucas Lencina Supply Chain Strategy, Risk Management, Collaborative Networks, End-to-end visibility, S&OP, Inventory Management, Technology & Innovation, IT, Analytics and Data Management
Lucas Lencina Resume

Guadalupe Martínez de Aguirre Bengochea Supply Chain planning and optimization, Packaging, pallet and container solutions for supply chain issues
Guadalupe Martínez de Aguirre Bengochea Resume

José Martínez Fignoni Data collection for logistics AI; Artificial Inteligence develop for Logistics; Consultancy for Supply Chain; Supply chain risk management; Demand Planning
José Martínez Fignoni Resume

Byron Mendoza Global Distribution, Retail techniques, Transnational manufacturers, Global transportation of goods and Sales Management
Byron Mendoza Resume

Isabella Obediente Using E2E digitalization, supply chain analytics, and big data to optimize warehouse layout and last mile delivery
Isabella Obediente Resume

Subir Paul Demand Forecasting, E2E Supply Chain Execution
Subir Paul Resume

Luis José Racca Supply Chain Network Design, Inventory Management, Modelling and Forecasting, IoT on Supply Chain Management, Risk Evaluation, Optimization, International Business, Sustainability and Reverse Supply C
Luis José Racca Resume

Melissa Treviño Gavito Network design and optimization, E2E Supply Chain, Global logistics operations, Supply Chain Sustainability
Melissa Treviño Gavito Resume

Kristence Voll Sustainability, closed loop SC, reverse logistic, transparency, accountability and compliance, SC Transformation, Agile SC, streamlining SC processes
Kristence Voll Resume

Mei Yang Cross-national management by creating new system, especially building platform to develop infrastructure projects worldwide
Mei Yang Resume

Lian Zhao Global Procurement, Total Cost Management, Engineering Procurement, Integral Planning, Risk Management
Lian Zhao Resume

Chunyan Zhou Blockchain implementation in shipments & customs; The Reverse logistics and recalls system of manufacturing sector; Inventory Holding Dynamic Modeling; Feasibility Analysis of Ports and Economic Zone
Chunyan Zhou Resume