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Susan Hanson
Project Manager
CAT Logistics(USA)
(ZLOG Class of 2011)

1. Describe your current job responsibilities
Managing project plans, leading meetings, serving as a central point of communication for project teams

2. Describe your career path before you attended ZLOG
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, I spent 4 years working in logistics planning & warehouse design. Although I learned a lot about warehousing and software application, I got stuck being the "slotting" guru and wasn't progressing anywhere else.

3. Why did you decide to attend ZLOG?
Several reasons: 1) Change of pace - my career (and the economy) weren't moving, and going back to school seemed like a logical option. 2) A new challenge - I was bored at work and looking for something new to catch my interest. 3) To broaden my experience - both culturally by living in a foreign country & in business by learning about the bigger picture. 4) To broaden my career options by getting a masters from a reputable program.

4. What are the most valuable assets you gained through your ZLOG experience?
How to connect the dots. Both in dealing with people (and learning about my very diverse classmates and how to work well with them) and in analyzing scenarios in business (by seeing how inventory relates to warehousing which again relates to finance)

5. How did your ZLOG degree impact your job search?
Unfortunately not as much as I would've liked, yet. I've had a lot of complications with HR red tape in progressing with my current company as I was returning from leave. But I'm confident that my ZLOG degree will strengthen my future job searches.

6. Does your ZLOG education affect the way you currently do your job?
Yes! As I now work in project management, I interact with a wider variety of business units and work groups than I did before my degree. The broader perspective I acquired from ZLOG has better equipped me in understanding the functions and their related issues on my teams.

7. What would you say to a prospective student thinking about joining the ZLOG program?
That's a tough one. I think my experience at ZLOG was as much about my personal development as it was professional. If you're looking for a broader understanding of supply chain, experience living in a different country, a diverse group of students, and a lot of fond memories, then ZLOG may be the right place for you.