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PhD applicants of the MIT Zaragoza PhD Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management must have an undergraduate and a graduate degree (Master level diploma).

The admission process for academic 2019-2020 will be open soon


All candidates must apply online.

The application process has been broken into two steps.  In Step 1 you will submit initial information that is readily available to you along with the fee if required.  If our review of this initial information is positive, you will then be asked to do Step 2, which is to finish your application by submitting three letters of recommendation. You will be able to access your original application form to add these items to it.

Technical Support: Use our Help Request Form or contact the Help Desk.
For questions about application materials, contact PhD Coordinator:

Clara Isabel García
[email protected]
+34 976 070 148
Zaragoza Logistics Center
Edificio Náyade 5
C/Bari 55 (PLAZA)
50197 Zaragoza, Spain