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“The MIT-ZLC PhD Summer Academy program gave me the tools and skills to tackle down better my PhD studies. This program has given me the opportunity to enrich my academic and work experience with the interaction of peers in the Supply Chain Management from different parts of the world, the lecturers from respectful professors in the matter, and the opportunity of living in Zaragoza the MIT experience has been a dream that certainly exceeded my expectations. I do recommend this program to supply chain Ph.D. candidates, as it will allow them to improve their expertise in research and expand their networking.”.
Lineth Rodríguez, Panama
PhD Candidate at Ecole Centrale Nantes
Nantes (France)

“I had a pleasure of teaching in MIT ZLC Ph.D. Academy twice and I would highly recommend it to both faculty and students.  Students in the Academy come from many countries and several continents.  Some of them are at the beginning of their Ph.D. programs, while others already hold post-doc and faculty jobs.  Despite their diverse backgrounds, students are united in their motivation, their passion for learning, and their desire to grow as researchers.  They work very hard and they have a great time, learning as well as socializing, enjoying Spanish cuisine and culture.  The Academy provides them with a unique opportunity to form lasting bonds with their fellow students and to network with the world-class faculty that teaches at the Academy.   Although I have interacted with the ZLC Ph.D. Academy students for a relatively short time, I enjoy meeting them at professional conferences and observing how their careers develop, just as I do with my Ph.D. students.   Faculty teaching at the Ph.D. Academy gets to enjoy Spanish food and culture as well and I treasure sharing those experiences with my friends and colleagues.  Finally, I admire the work of ZLC staff, whose commitment to the ZLC mission is absolute and who have put tremendous effort in ensuring that both students and faculty at the Academy have the best possible experience.  On numerous occasions ZLC staff members have impressed me with their work.  In one word, ZLC Ph.D. Academy is great!”
PhD Summer Academy 2016
Professor Volodymyr Babich
Lapeyre Family Term Associate Professor of Business Administration at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

“I truly enjoyed attending the MIT PhD Summer Academy at the Zaragoza Logistics Center. The program provided me a great opportunity to learn from distinguished professors and engaged in an exchange with excellent and diversified fellow PhD students. During the intensive period, I learned how to better contribute to the body of knowledge through balancing the rigor and relevance of operations management research. The gained insights guide my future research endeavors. The special topics on research methodologies strengthened and broadened my research skills. The discussions with professors and fellows helped me to design my future research stream. The opportunity to network and make friends with professors and fellows from all over the world further enhanced the value of this program. I strongly recommend PhD students in related areas to apply this program.”
PhD Summer Academy 2016
Xianghui (Richard) Peng
Ph.D. Candidate, University of North Texas
Expected to join Eastern Washington University as an Assistant Professor of Operations Management on July 1st, 2016.

"The ZLC Summer Academy was a very enriching experience. It was an excellent opportunity to deepen knowledge in operations management, both for business and academia."
PhD Summer Academy 2016
Müge Tekin
PhD Candidate at Universitat Pompeu Fabra

"My experience while attending the MIT PhD Summer Academy was simply unmatched comparative to other forms of intensive training.  The diversity combined with a global perspective surrounding operations, supply chain and logistics left investigators wanting more given the program's unique ability to bring top-tiers researchers in the field to one location and teach their "niche areas" during industry-specific and distinctive sessions.  Without hesitation, I would highly recommend those with an interest to apply and invest their time in this given the opportunity cost comparative of absenteeism."
Ryan N. Schmidt, PhD Summer Academy 2014
PhD, MBA, MS, CMRP Assistant Professor of Healthcare Administration (HCAD) Langdale College of Business Administration (LCOBA) Valdosta State University (GA)

"There is no doubt the PhD Summer Academy offered by ZLC has broadened my view of OM research, and enhanced my ability to think more critically. This program offered us lectures on OM research techniques such as dynamic programming, and queueing and inventory, etc., as well as empirical research topics and methods. Also, it covered various novel research topics by professors from leading universities. Delivered by great professors, the classes are intense and very interactive, and full of heated discussion. Moreover, the class is very international – we had PhD students from different European countries, the US, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. This well mixed culture brings a lot fun and flavor into the class discussion and life outside the class. Overall, the direct exposure we received through the program to top researchers is invaluable in terms of mentoring, idea sharing, and motivating, not to mention the networking opportunities and friendship with these professors and fellow PhD students across the world.”
Quan Zhou, PhD Summer Academy 2013
University of Auckland, New Zealand

“Intense and exciting, this program composed of lectures from renowned faculties around the world which not only helped me get introduced to some novel topics but most importantly got me excited about research. I was also able to identify and discuss few questions which I would like to potentially pursue in my research. Class discussions and being able to talk about your research ideas with other students from quite diverse skills and backgrounds was very insightful. Zaragoza city was a lively place to be and I had nice time there. ZLC staff, faculty and particularly the student body proved really nice hosts, making the overall experience in the program nothing less than amazing.”
Ashish Kabra, PhD Summer Academy 2012
Insead University, Singapore


“I have twice attended to ZLC’s PhD Summer Academy. In both cases I enjoyed an intensive learning experience and exposure to leading edge research in Logistics and Supply Chain. The program is well structured, so that you can prepare the lectures and discussion materials in advance. The program syllabus offers a balanced mix of topics, including theoretical and empirical research approaches, allowing you to gain valuable insight from Professors of leading universities worldwide. The academic experience is unique for PhD students, as you build knowledge, research experience and friendships with fellow PhD students and Professors across continents. During the summer academy, you are invited to presentations of ongoing research topics in ZLC and to presentations of industry practitioners. The ZLC venue is excellently prepared for research activities; you have access to digital libraries and also to specialized literature there. Besides the academic experience, there is opportunity to enjoy Zaragoza’s warm weather at the city’s many summer events and open air activities. ZLC’s PhD Summer Academy is a lifetime academic experience which I’m sure aids the PhDs in their research and dissertation. I’m thankful to ZLC’s academics and administrative personnel for their welcoming and friendly support”.
Mayolo A. Lopez, PhD Summer Academy 2011
Hamburg University of Technology, Germany


"The PhD summer academy at ZLC is a great opportunity for students to share useful and compelling ideas with their peers from other business schools/universities. The classes are very interactive with open discussions encouraged by lecturers with students. Particularly fruitful for me was the idea of Prof Thomas Douglas who developed an important framework that enabled the analysis of papers investigating the buyer-supplier relationship under different research methods and through multiple theoretical lenses. My experience was most productive and I strongly recommend other PhD students to take this type of program that I found very important for our formation as researchers."
Verónica Villena, PhD Summer Academy 2010
IE Business School, Spain


“I really enjoyed the center’s PhD summer academy. Not only did I learn a lot during this 6 week course, more importantly, the course helped open my eyes, and helped me find my research niche, and decide what my future research area might be. Also, we were taught more than just research techniques, we also learned a lot the lecturers on how to be a good researcher and how to take both study and life seriously. For me, that was one of the best parts of the summer academy. I made friends with both PhD students and lecturers from all around the world, helping me which broaden my research network, and gave me the possibility of working with them in the future. The summer academy is truly a very academically successful and a very international experience .”
Lijie Song, PhD Summer Academy 2009
Programa MIT-Zaragoza, Spain


“The summer academy at ZLC was a great opportunity for students of Operations Management to come in contact with some of the current research being done by one of the most prominent faculties in the field. The classes at the summer academy were amongst the most interactive classes I have taken with discussions ranging from methodology, paradigms to open research questions. Moreover the summer academy is a great place to mingle with fellow students, to exchange ideas and to research interests. In my opinion the greatest benefit of the summer academy is the chance to get to know the full dimensions of the field of logistics within a very short time span.”
Aadhaar Chaturvedi, PhD Summer Academy 2009
IESE Barcelona, Spain 


“It was a pleasure to be invited onto the ZLC's PhD summer academy program. We had the opportunity to be part of a great forum for discussion, to exchange ideas with colleagues and be taught by a great group of lecturers, academics and professionals in supply chain management and logistics. The knowledge network formed by this initiative was, is and will be invaluable. The staff of ZLC were very friendly.”
Enelis Palma, PhD Summer Academy 2008
Research Assistant in the Department of Industrial Management Department, School of Engineering in the University of Seville, Spain


“I enjoyed the summer school for three reasons; 1) we attended some very interesting courses from outstanding lecturers like Professor Bassok; 2) I had lecturers from the authors of recently published papers and 3) I got the chance to make some good friends among the students and lecturers. Before the summer school, I had only heard about the center of logistics in Zaragoza, but now, I have respect for this center, and will remember it as a great place for Operations Management and hope to participate next summer if I have the chance.”
Mahyar Eftekhar, PhD Summer Academy 2008
HEC School of Management – Paris in Operations Management