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Hern谩n Vazquez
Supply Chain Manager
Ingenico Iberia (Spain)
(ZLOG Class of 2008)

1. Describe your current job responsibilities:
I麓m responsible for developing quotes and proposals for clients and also I participate in the delivery of consulting projects. I contribute building new capabilities in the Service Management area.

2. Describe your career path before you attended ZLOG:
Before Joining the ZLOG program I had been working for Hewlett Packard for 8 years in different positions from Bench Repair Manager, to Supply Chain Engineer and Material Planner Specialist. Previously I had been working for DaimlerChrysler as a Spare Parts Analyst and Material Purchaser.

3. Why did you decide to attend ZLOG?
I wished to build an international career in the Supply Chain area and I thought that a program like this that combines top-notch faculty staff with challenging courses was the right step to take. I also had the opportunity to visit ZLC and meet the faculty staff and I was very impressed by their research activities.

4. What are the most valuable assets you gained through your ZLOG experience?
From my point of view, the caliber of classes, the faculty staff and students coupled with the various experiences over the nine months are the most valuable assets I gained from the program.

5. How did your ZLOG degree impact on your job search?
The ZLOG degree impacted positively not only as a door opener to participate in several job search processes, but also as a strong value add during the processes themselves where you can give a more in depth explain of the program itself. You can apply skills from the program and combine your past experience with your future career interests.

6. Does your ZLOG education affect the way you currently do your job?
For sure, especially when I face new challenges at work and I realize that I can apply the skills, tools and the analytical approach developed during the program. It makes me feel that the program has had a very positive impact in my day to day activities.

7. What would you say to a prospective student thinking about joining the ZLOG program?
Think about this program not only as a Masters in itself but also as a whole new experience to enrich your life and upgrade your career.