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Young Kim (ZLOG Class of 2012)
Manager of Merchandising Strategy
Shilla Duty Free (South Korea)

" Through ZLOG I was able to develop analytical skills and enhance my discernment for how to match a company's supply chain to its strategy. "
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Lavina Punjabi (ZLOG Class of 2012)
Customer Service Analyst
Caterpillar Distribution Services Europe BVBA (UAE)

" I wanted to broaden my horizon and knowledge in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics as well as understand the dynamics/analytics which support the decisions of Supply Chain Managers. The ZLOG program offered a perfect blend of both. "
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Andrés Vadillo (ZLOG Class of 2012)
Regional Planner
Roche (Switzerland)

" As a local, I am extremely proud to be part of ZLOG Class of 2012 where talent comes from all over the world "
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Gustavo Rodríguez (ZLOG Class of 2011)
Project Leader for Global Supply Chain
Clariant International (Switzerland)

"From a technical perspective, through ZLOG I obtained a broad set of tools that I can use when specific problems call for them."
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Susan E Hanson (ZLOG Class of 2011)
Project Manager
CAT Logistics (USA)

"The broader perspective I acquired from ZLOG has better equipped me in understanding the functions and their related issues on my teams."
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Phani Sista (ZLOG Class of 2011)
Instock Manager
Amazon (Luxemburg)

"I have been able to directly transfer the lessons learned at ZLOG to my current role at Amazon."
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James Mwenda Riungu (ZLOG Class of 2011)
Supply Chain Specialist
Management Sciences for Health (MSH) (Kenya)

"The ZLOG education gave me the skills needed and exposed me to a wide variety of ideas and concepts of how to address supply chain challenges, especially in developing countries."
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Eduardo Orri Vidal (ZLOG Class of 2011)
EMEA Planner
HP (Spain)

"The ZLOG program is a partnership between ZLC and MIT and that means a lot for companies. Given the reputation of a world renown institution like MIT, after the program you will be on top the list of any recruiter."
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HanCheol Lee (ZLOG Class of 2010)
Head of Supply Chain Management Team
Samsung Mobile (Italy)

"The ZLOG program enhanced my analytical skills which enable me to solve a variety of complicated SCM issues."
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Andreu Torregrosa (ZLOG Class of 2009)
Strategy Execution Lead
Roche (Switzerland)

"If you are ready to have one of the best years of your life and Supply Chain is your passion, don’t hesitate, this is the program for you!"
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Jose Manuel Garza (ZLOG Class of 2008)
Engagement Manager
McKinsey (USA)

"Once you realize that a supply chain management program is for you, work for it and you will have the chance to study among some of the best students and professors in the world"
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Hernan Vazquez (ZLOG Class of 2008)
Supply Chain Manager
Ingenico Iberia (Spain)

"Think about this program not only as a Masters in itself but also as a whole new experience to enrich your life and upgrade your career."
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Mary Behncke (ZLOG Class of 2008)
Global Account Director
Damco (USA)

"...the ZLOG program provides you with tools to make an immediate impact on your future role in any company."
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Gemma Berenguer i Falguera (ZLOG Class of 2007)
Assistant Professor in Operations
Purdue University (USA)

"During the program, you will learn about state-of-the-art logistics and SCM research topics, as well as the most interesting company implementations."
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Kirsten Curtis (ZLOG Class of 2007)
Director of Demand Planning and Business Intelligence
Safeway (USA)

"Before I attended ZLOG, I didn’t really have a career path. I worked for 1 year in sales/marketing, and then as an account manager at a consulting firm."
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Joseph Butler (ZLOG Class of 2006)
Refined Products Trader
Pilot Flying J (USA)

"It is a great opportunity to get a hands-on feel for international supply chain challenges and techniques."
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