Research Fest | Clase 2024 ZLOG y ZLOGb

  • mayo 27, 2024
  • ZLC Campus

We are glad to inform you that this year’s Research Fest for the Class of 2024 will take place at ZLC and we really hope you can join us!

As most of you probably know this is one of the final days of the academic year where all student teams present their thesis projects to the participating partner companies, faculty members and staff.

More details will be announced when we get closer to the end of May, but we already wanted to share with you the topics, dates and proposed time frames, so you can block your agendas. To enable us to get an idea of the size of the audience, please confirm your attendance by filling the form below.

Topics this year include:

  • Improving E-commerce Distribution Network to Expand 1-hour Delivery Service Area
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions from Transportation and Packaging
  • Supply Chain Digital Twin: From Purchase To Delivery
  • Balancing Business Margins through Enhanced Raw Material Price Prediction Forecasting Model
  • Optimizing Truck Fill Volume to Reduce Transportation Cost and Carbon Emissions
  • Enhancing Berry Freshness: Optimization Framework for Perishable Food Supply Chain
  • Predicting Air Cargo Demand in Spain: A Comparative Analysis of ARIMA, XGBoost, and Prophet Models
  • Measuring the Impact of Supply Chain Interventions on Healthcare Personnel’s Attitudes and Perceptions and Patient Satisfaction in Kano State, Northern Nigeria
  • Business Line Benchmarking and Clustering Analysis for a Chemical Catalyst Company
  • Availability of Essential Medicines in a «Security Challenged» state in Nigeria: Client Satisfaction and Health Facility Personnel Perceptions as Quality Movement Tools
  • EuroVision: Towards a Sustainable Future with Decarbonization and Distribution
  • Defining End-to-End Inventory Policy in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Streamlining Process for Reduction of Inventory Levels
  • Resilience in Upstream Supply Network
  • Client’s Satisfaction and Health Workers’ Wiews Towards Availability of Essential Medicines after Supply Chain Project Interventions in Kaduna State, Nigeria


If you plan to attend in person kindly complete the form below. Or should you prefer to join online, you can find the links for Zoom:

General Project Presentations:

  • Date: Monday, May 27th
  • Time: 14:00 – 17:30 CEST (approx)

Finalists Project Presentations:

  • Date: Tuesday, May 28th
  • Time: 09:00 – 11:30 CEST (approx)



  • Fecha de inicio:mayo 27, 2024
  • Fecha de finalización:mayo 28, 2024
  • Lugar:ZLC Campus