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Effective trade data – from pipedream to pipeline
The four-year, CORE project has concluded. With 70 partners and a budget of about Euro 49 million from the EU 7th Framework Programme this has been one of Europe’s largest R&D projects, and ZLC has played a key role.
Anand Mehta, ZLOG Alumni 2006 and Director, Logistics and Supply Chain Center of Excellence at Bridgestone
The ZLOG program has been a heavy influence in my career in terms of the level of knowledge and skill that I have gained in and out of the classroom. 


Ceremonia de Graduación 2018
Sala de la Corona del Edificio Pignatelli a las 17:00h.
4th Global Supply Chain Research Forum
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Supply Chain Frontiers

MIT SUPPLY CHAIN FRONTIERS Es la publicación de la red Global SCALE del MIT, la alianza internacional de los centros líderes en educación e investigación dedicados al desarrollo de la excelencia en la logística y la cadena de suministro mediante...