MDSC Students 2020

MDSC Class of 2019-20

Our select group of students converge on the Zaragoza Logistics Center from across the globe, creating a rich learning experience by sharing with each other their diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

María Aguilar Requena

Zaragoza, Spain

Arturo Bel Fernández

Zaragoza, Spain

Franco Benítez Grisolia

Panama City, Panama

Elena Díaz Pérez

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Jorge Dieste Cruz

Zaragoza, Spain

Manuel Gresa Herrero

Zaragoza, Spain

Emilia Isola

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ana Martín Tesán

Zaragoza, Spain

Pedro Monge Hernández

Zaragoza, Spain

Pedro Muniesa Abadía

Zaragoza, Spain

Vanesa Muñoz Busom

Zaragoza, Spain

Gregorio Mur Cebollada

Zaragoza, Spain

Antonio Olona Gil

Zaragoza, Spain

Cristian Pina Rubio

Zaragoza, Spain

Ignacio Puente Borque

Zaragoza, Spain

Pio Sabato

Salerno, Italy

José Carlos Tapia Martínez

Mexico City, Mexico

Nhu Vu Thuy Quynh

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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