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3rd Annual Alumni Event
Feb 15-16, 2019

ZLC new facilities - EXPO

This year ZLC is celebrating its 15th anniversary and moving to a new location downtown. Following the vast majority of the alumni community feedback, we will be holding a joint 2-day event in Zaragoza in coincidence with the 3rd Annual Alumni Reunion. This will be taking place in February 15th and 16th, with the following tentative agenda:

· Friday, Feb 15th will be a more formal session in the afternoon, with the participation of Susana Val, Director of ZLC; Representatives from the Government of Aragon; and an Industry Speaker.

· Saturday, Feb 16th will be more in line with the previous alumni reunions, and is expected to take the full day – and longer! We will have the presentation of a highlighted Thesis project from MDSC and ZLOG 2019; alumni success stories; Academic and Industry speakers and networking activities.

We are really thrilled about counting on your participation in this event – so book your agendas and REGISTER filling the following form:

ZLC new facilities - EXPO - Avenida Ranillas, 5 - Edificio A bajo - Zaragoza