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Supply Chain Frontiers Issue #41
Jun 1, 2011


Winning Supply Chains

Large-scale sporting events such as the soccer 2014 World Cup require a special kind of supply chain. Attendees at a recent Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation event gained insights into the winning formula for a tournament supply chain.

A Platform for Growth in Southeast Asia

Countries in Southeast Asia are growing at an enviable pace and plan to create a leading economic community. But there is one challenge that could frustrate their ambitions if left unaddressed: the lack of world-class supply chains. A new white paper from the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation explores the issues.

Collaborating in Clusters

The European Union (EU) goal of achieving sustainable growth is laudable but difficult to accomplish given the complexity of the supply chains that straddle this vast trading bloc. The Zaragoza Logistics Center is part of an innovative approach to research that aims to develop supply chains that improve environmental performance.

Do You Have the Skills to Manage a Crisis?

The recent tsunami disaster in Japan underscores the need for effective emergency response strategies. As researchers from the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics argue in a thought-provoking column, managing a supply chain in crisis requires a distinct set of skills.


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Double Degree in Zaragoza

Futuristic White Papers from MIT CTL

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