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Supply Chain Frontiers Issue #42
Sep 21, 2011


Moveable Barriers

Despite efforts to bring the two disciplines together, significant cultural and operational differences still separate finance and supply chain management. However, a consulting project that involved Dr. Alejandro Serrano, Professor of Supply Chain Management at the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program, shows that the two sides can find common ground.

A Better Pipeline for Emerging Markets

One of the toughest challenges companies face when expanding in emerging markets is how to distribute product profitably to highly fragmented customer bases. A case study of pipes and fittings supplier Amanco Brasil carried out by the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics provides some important pointers.

Is Resilience Key to the Supply Chain Talent Crisis?

The concept of building resilient supply chains to avoid costly disruptions is well known, but perhaps the same approach also can be used to manage talent more effectively. The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation is exploring the possibilities.

Mobile Innovation for the Enterprise

The Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation and the MIT NextLab have teamed up to widen the range of mobile applications in the supply chain field. Their work could have a major impact on supply chains in developing countries.


Humanitarian Response Lab Unveiled

ZLC Launches Finance Institute

High Marks for MISI’s Inaugural Conference

New Positions at MIT CTL

Global Transportation Event


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