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In recent years, supply chains have become more globalized and thus more vulnerable. It was in the aftermath of 9/11 when governments and practitioners became more conscious of the fact that supply chains could be jeopardized by security risks, such as theft, counterfeiting, as well as terror-related or natural hazard risks.

Awareness has increased both in industry and academia, where Supply Chain Risk Management research has grown in recent years. Originally, research focused on the operational risks of supply chains, lacking a more holistic approach including both security and operational risks of supply chain.

The Supply Chain Security and Risk Management Research Group tackle the challenging question of how to achieve efficient and secure supply chains. In order to do so, the Research Group works on the following research areas:
  • Methodologies for risk management
  • Risk based approach to supply chain management
  • Supply chain models integrating risks and security controls
  • Supply chain disruptions and resilience
Supply Chain Security and Risk Management Research Group
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  • Risk-Based Approach for Efficient and Secure Trade in Global Supply Chains - Impact on 3PL Operations. Carolina Ciprés, ZLOG 2012 (Advisor: Prof. Mustafa Çagri Gürbüz)
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