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Collaboration Concepts for Comodality

Acronym: CO3Official reference: 284926Funding body: European Commission, 7th Framework ProgrammeType of funding: PublicProject website: Researcher: María Jesús SáenzOther Researchers: Mitchell TsengDuration (1-09-2011 to 31-08-2014): 36 months Project Description: Collaboration Concepts for Co-modality, CO3 is a business strategy enabling companies throughout the supply chain to set up and maintain initiatives to manage and optimize their logistics […]


Commodity Usage Reduction Analysis

Funding Body: GM Global Research & Development Type of Funding: Private Researcher: Mozart Menezes Term: 01/04/2011 – 31/07/2011 Project Description This project will study the ideal level of catalyzers’ commonality for different vehicle models. The key trade-off is the complexity reduction obtained by different vehicle models using a same component versus the potentially inefficient usage […]