Humanitarian Supply Chains – Elective Course

  • marzo 2, 2015
  • Zaragoza Logistics Center

Course Description:

Supply chains play a key role in responding to humanitarian crises stemming from armed conflicts, epidemics, famine, and natural disasters. Supply chains also provide the products necessary to conduct effective public health programs ranging from treatment of devastating diseases (e.g. HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis) to primary care services. This course provides students with an overview of humanitarian and health operations by introducing the challenging context in which they take place, the organizations typically involved (e.g.donors, UN agencies, NGOs, public and private sector), the products and services needed, and the operational approaches and challenges in meeting the needs. The sessions combine lectures and cases studies with two guest speakers.

Professor:  Dr. Laura Rock Kopczak

· Introduction
· Case Discussion – Can Heroes BernEfficient? Information Technology at the InternationalrnFederation of the Red Cross
· Redesigning the Plumpy Nut SupplyrnChain: Applying Commercial World Supply Chain Practicesrnto Plumpy Nut… Or Not?
· Supply Chains for the Plumpy’FieldrnNetwork
· People and Process: Improving Supply tornDadaab Refugee Camp
· Making Logistics Robust and Dynamic
· Designing Supply Chains for Distributionrnof Medicines
· Central Stock Policy to Support Programsrnand Emergencies
· Guest Speaker:rnStefaan Phlips, Site Director, MSF
· Coordination
· Translating an Idea into a Policy

Dates: March 2015

Deadline: January 15, 2015


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  • Fecha de inicio:marzo 2, 2015
  • Fecha de finalización:marzo 13, 2015
  • Lugar:Zaragoza Logistics Center