Seminario ZLC: Lijie Song

  • marzo 28, 2012
  • Room 221, Zaragoza Logistics Center

«Reducing Length of Stay in Hospital Emergency Rooms through Process Redesign»


Point of care (POC) testing is becoming increasingly popular in US hospitals as a way to speed up testing processes, reduce patient length of stay, and improve patient satisfaction. This study uses propensity score matching (PSM) to generate quasi-control group, and test the impact of POC versus central lab testing on patient length of stay, using two years of patient data collected at an American hospital. Our analysis shows a significant reduction in service for patients who undergo POC testing, a reduction in waiting time for all patients as well as a reduction in 72-hour bounceback rate.


  • Fecha de inicio:marzo 28, 2012
  • Fecha de finalización:marzo 28, 2012
  • Lugar:Room 221, Zaragoza Logistics Center