Anand Mehta, ZLOG Alumni 2006 and Director, Logistics and Supply Chain Center of Excellence at Bridgestone


Anand Mehta, ZLOG Alumni 2006 and Director, Logistics and Supply Chain Center of Excellence at Bridgestone. See Linkedin profile

Congratulations on your latest post as Director of Logistics and Supply Chain Center of Excellence at Bridgestone! You must be very excited about all the new challenges ahead?

Answer: I look forward to energizing my new team and enabling them to accelerate the supply chain transformation. The tire industry is at a crossroads with many emerging developments that will shape its future, including self-driving cars, electrification and changing customer preferences and priorities. Our supply chain must adapt in order to remain competitive and profitable as these changes occur. My vision for the Center of Excellence is to be an incubator of innovation and supply chain talent for the organization.

How do these new responsibilities compare with those of previous jobs? Are they more demanding or simply different?
Answer: One of my primary responsibilities in this role is to be a talent incubator to the rest of the organization. It is a unique challenge as I have the privilege of leading very smart, driven individuals who need to be constantly challenged with meaningful assignments that will enable them to grow professionally.

Specifically, how has the ZLOG master program influenced your career path? What are the most significant aspects of the master that you have applied at work to succeed?

Answer: The ZLOG program has been a heavy influence in my career in terms of the level of knowledge and skill that I have gained from it and even more so, from the dialogue and comradery with my fellow ZLOG classmates while I was at the program and after. The learning was both in and out of the classroom. In my opinion, the real world access and proximity to companies that were willing to provide the students the opportunity to study their supply chains or help resolve some of their supply chain challenges is second to none.

Over the past 15 years you have achieved global experience driving innovation and directing positive change in Fortune 100 and Multinational Companies including Cummins, Inc., BWGS and METRO Group AG. Looking back on these professional experiences, how has this impacted on the quality and expertise you display in your work?

Answer: Having worked in different areas of the supply chain and for multiple organizations has broadened my perspective and enables me to think more holistically. I can generally surmise directional impacts one decision will have upstream or downstream in the supply chain and am equipped to ask the right questions in order to get to the full or fuller picture of any change. One of the key reasons I was hired into my current role is due to the breadth of my experiences and supply chain knowledge.

Any pearls of wisdom or advice in general for current and future ZLOG students, to take advantage of during the course, and attitudes or actions following graduation?

Answer: I encourage ZLOG students to immerse themselves fully in the experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Get to know your classmates, teachers and ZLOG administrative staff. The ZLOG network and wider SCALE network will open many doors and will help further your career.