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MIT Zaragoza PhD Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The main aim of the PhD Program on Logistics and Supply Chain Management is to develop outstanding scholars who will pursue distinguished careers in research and education. Students work intensively with our faculty to create new knowledge in fields of interest such as supply chain coordination, inventory management, supply chain finance, supply chain risk management and security, and supply chain innovation.

First and second year PhD students typically complete PhD level courses offered by the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program, such as probability and stochastic processes, empirical methods, integer and dynamic programming, inventory management and game theory. Second year PhD students spend a semester at MIT and have the opportunity of studying at other leading business and engineering schools. The dissertation typically requires two more years to complete. At the end of second year, students must pass a comprehensive qualifying exam, when the student becomes a candidate for the PhD and focuses on dissertation research.

The program provides students with the following:
  • Financial Aid
  • Multicultural academic and research experience in both the EU and the US
  • MIT SCALE Network: Multi-continent experience
  • A unique focused PhD program on SCM
  • Teaching assistantships in our Masters
  • Faculty network with strong credentials
  • Official PhD degree awarded by the University of Zaragoza
  • Certificate from MIT
  • Full time dedication
This full-time program follows the highest international quality standards for doctoral studies, from the rigorous admissions process, continuous high-performance control process, to the comprehensive exam and thesis defense, enabling graduates to take faculty positions at leading universities around the world or to become innovation leaders for international companies.