Recruit on campus

Companies are welcome to organize recruiting activities and company presentations to interact with our students at the ZLC campus. The majority of corporate presentations and interviews take place between February and April – however, we host companies throughout the academic year. Companies also have the option of doing online events to connect with the current class. Interested in Recruiting? Join our Company Days! 

The following companies had the opportunity of conducting a master class and presenting their company to our students:

Meet our students

ZLC programs are built on a strong network of people dedicated to generating top logistics and supply chain professionals.

Our select group of students converge at ZLC from across the globe, creating a rich learning experience by sharing put this at the end of the sentence their diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

Connect with our Alumni

Since its inception, Zaragoza Logistics Center has graduated a highly diverse group of well-qualified, successful supply chain professionals, who are working around the globe for leading manufacturers, retailers and consultancy firms, based on their highly-demanded profiles, that lead to promising careers and highly competitive salaries.

Advertise your vacancies through ZLC

You can advertise graduate jobs or schemes, part-time jobs, placements, internships and work experience opportunities in Jobteaser platform. MDSC and ZLOG program students and graduates will apply directly to you. You can also contact us filling the form and we’ll share the job opportunities among our MDSC and ZLOG students and alumni body.

Paid internships for MDSC students

Every year we place talented MDSC students into paid internships with local companies. Our dedicated team have the expertise to help you attract, recruit and retain top quality graduates with the knowledge, skills and insight to add value to your business. Your intern can focus on one specific project or support you across a range of work. Internships last from ten weeks to ten months, with some employers keeping our graduates on permanently.

Looking for recruiting opportunities?

Get access to supply chain professionals from the MIT GLOBAL SCALE alumni network that stretches around the world. To reach out to our alumni, please fill in the form: