Part-Time Master in Supply Chain Management (MDSC)

The Master in Supply Chain Management (MDSC) achieves a perfect balance between technical content, essential for the management of the supply chain, and management skills, such as finance, strategy, leadership, negotiation, economic environment or decision making. Apply Now!


  • Get in-depth knowledge of the value creation mechanisms of the supply chain.
  • Understand the interactions and the impact of operational decisions on the rest of the company’s functions.
  • Discover the potential of collaboration with other agents in the supply chain.
  • Learn to compete with innovation in processes.


  • Growing demand in the market of supply chain professionals.
  • Excellent training in a center with international recognition.
  • High incorporation into the labor market.







Why Supply Chain?

The supply chain mainly gives companies the ability to dominate each segment of the market and operate accordingly in a profitable manner. In addition, the sector requires more and more specialized workers. A large number of companies internationally are hiring our graduates to implement their knowledge and experience acquired in the program.

Aragón, Region of Logistics

Because of its geo-strategic location, the availability of space, the concentration of business, intermodality and the ability to link corridors and routes, today Aragon is an internationally acknowledged logistics powerhouse.

Our potential goes way beyond having the largest amount of logistics land available in Europe, on developed, large sites with competitive, advanced, flexible infrastructures (km 0 air connection, railway terminal next to the logistics sites, highway links with the principal roadways) and efficient services under constant development. Aragon is also leader in innovation and technology, standing out as a hub for talent specialising in logistics owing to the capability and commitment of public and private institutions in the community, to foster and drive the development of the sector.


Aragón Plataforma Logística (APL)


"The Master in Supply Chain Management is a product that, due to its quality and relevance, transcends the borders of Aragón, attracting students from all over Spain and even reaching an international projection. This is mainly due to the fact that, unlike other university experiences, a very high percentage of what is learned in this Master's Degree is immediately applicable in the practical professional life of the students, which is highly valued by the market and significantly enhances the career of your graduates"

Santiago Kraiselburd, DBA
Supply Chain & Procurement Advisory, KPMG
Regional Director, LatA

In the Master in Supply Chain Management (MDSC), students’ analytical and leadership skills are developed through a solid academic program and extensive interaction with the industry. MDSC students gain valuable experience in the unique international environment of ZLC.

The program is held in the afternoon, which makes it possible to combine its development with other work.

General Description

   Starts: September 14, 2023

  Language: Spanish (2 subjects in English)

  Location: ZLC Campus, Zaragoza

  Duration: 9 months, part-time from 16:00 to 20:30h (3 days/week)

   Credits: 60 ECTS

  Degree awarded: Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Zaragoza (own degree/formación permanente)


In the Master in Supply Chain Management (MDSC) the analytical and leadership skills  of the students are developed through a solid academic program and extensive interaction with the industry. MDSC students gain valuable experience in the unique international environment of ZLC.

Who should apply?

  • Professionals from industry who want to improve their performance.
  • Consultants working in the supply chain area.
  • Financial and analysts who need to better understand the world of operations.
  • Graduates who want to develop their career in the field of supply chain.

See MDSC student profiles of the academic year 2022-2023.

When to apply?

Open admissions from September to May.

Scholarships evaluation:

  • Round I – March 9
  • Round II – July 20

Limited seats: 30

Ready to Apply?

  1. Fill in the admissions form. Download.
  2. Pay the admissions fee. 90 € the payment can be completed online credit card or bank transfer. Bank details (The admissions fee will not be refunded in any case).
  3. Submit the following documents:
    1. Official University Diploma copy notarized
    2. Academic Transcripts copy notarized
    3. DNI or passport copy notarized
    4. CV
    5. Official TOEFL, IELTS or other similar English test (not compulsory)
    6. Authorization Request Form from the Rector for foreigners with non-approved title. Download form

The application form and the materials must be sent to:

Scanned version, email: [email protected]

Original version:
Zaragoza Logistics Center (Oficina de admisiones)
Avenida de Ranillas 5, edificio 5A (EXPO), planta baja
50018 Zaragoza, España

Admission tests: The admissions committee of the master’s degree reserves the right to carry out entrance exams to the candidates it deems appropriate, once its file has been studied (academic and professional background).


Miguel Ángel García

Miguel Ángel García

MDSC Director
+34 976 070 156

Laura Soldevilla

Laura Soldevilla

MDSC Admissions and Academic Affairs Manager
+34 976 077 614

Tuition and Fees

  • Fee: 90€
  • Enrollment: 9.500 € (*)
    (*)  750€  will be paid as a pre-enrollment, which will be deducted from the total enrollment cost.
  • Academic materials: 400€
  • Insurance: 6€

Financial Aid

Zaragoza Logistics Center offers scholarships through its self-funded Scholarship Program. More information on the scholarships for the 2024-25 academic year will be available soon.

Living Expenses

Living expenses vary, depending on lifestyle and whether students wish to live alone, with roommates or with a family. The cost of living in Zaragoza is lower than in much of Europe. Currently, a budget of around €400-€600 per month is the norm for single students.

Moreover, ZLC students can benefit from special discounts at Nodis Student Residence.


250-700 €/month


150-300 €/month


50 €/month


50 €/month


30-60 €/month


50 €/month

Career Services at ZLC facilitate relationships for the Master in Supply Chain Management (MDSC) students and graduates with prospective employers, graduate school recruiters, and fellow alumni. Companies are welcome to interact with students and/or conduct interviews, master classes or give a company presentation at ZLC Campus.



Growing demand for logistics profiles



International contacts



Origin in the
alumni body

Since its inception, the program has graduated a highly diverse group of well-qualified, successful supply chain professionals, who are working around the globe for leading manufacturers, retailers, consultancies, and more. See MDSC student profiles of the academic year 2022-2023.

Our alumni are working for companies such as:


Video testimonials

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Aragón tu Reino

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