ZLC Alumni: a worldwide support network

Throughout its two decades of history, Zaragoza Logistics Center has educated students of more than 90 nationalities who, once they have completed their education, return to their home countries or to their new professional destinations. ZLC alumni occupy positions of reference in companies and organizations on all continents, thus shaping a worldwide network that is a great professional support and a solid source of contacts for those who graduate from our center.

In order to maintain cohesion among graduates, promote contact and synergies between cohorts, and provide updated information and knowledge in logistics and supply chain, Zaragoza Logistics Center organizes various initiatives and activities aimed exclusively at its alumni. Among others, ZLC Alumni Meetings are held in Zaragoza as well as in other Spanish and European cities, with sessions organized with prestigious speakers and representatives of leading companies, networking activities to promote the knowledge of profiles of other promotions and nationalities as well as recreational activities.

Benefits of being ZLC Alumni:

  • Participation in exclusive ZLC Alumni Meetings
  • Priority admission and discounts on ZLC activities and education
  • Up-to-date information on job opportunities and cutting-edge projects related to logistics and supply chain
  • Invitations to trade fairs and other industry events
  • Access to a network of leading global logistics and supply chain companies, universities and research centers in the MIT Global SCALE network
  • Personalized attention at ZLC as Alumni

Some of the activities during the Alumni Reunion:

Academic session

Networking activity

Industry session

Networking activity

Coffee break/Networking

Past Alumni Reunion

I Alumni Reunion
Feb 25th, 2017, Brussels

II Alumni Reunion
Feb 24th, 2018, Madrid

III Alumni Reunion
Feb 16th, 2019, Zaragoza

IV Alumni Reunion
Feb 5th, 2021, Online

VI Alumni Reunion
Mar 11th, 2023, Zaragoza

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