Supply Chain & Finance

Supply Chain & Finance

Supply chain management is considered the vehicle towards operational excellence. However, it barely illustrates visibility of the financial implications.

The Supply Chain & Finance Research Group was established to promote the study of the interrelationship between supply chain and finance areas. Its main objective is to successfully provide best practices to practitioners in supply chain and finance by balancing the trade-offs between liquidity and profitability.

The Group identifies the increasing needs of companies on the flow of money that supports the movement of products, and offer real applicable business solutions through its unique educational platform, innovative research and up-to-date training.

Our research methodology aims at finding outstanding applicable tools to overcome disruption in the supply chain and, thus, enhance corporate value and liquidity.

Main Researchers

Alejandro Serrano
Dr. Alejandro Serrano

Professor, MIT-Zaragoza
Research Affiliate, MIT CTL

Dr. Spyridon Lekkakos

Assistant Professor

Main Achievements

SELIS project: Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space (2016 – 2019).

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