Healthcare Operations

Healthcare Operations

Healthcare operations management research is focused on demand management and pharmaceutical supply chain network optimization. Investigating segmentation and advanced lean system approaches to support humanitarian recovery is also under this research line.

There are two major keys, vital to long term economic development: sustainable improvements in global health and effective, efficient humanitarian logistics.

Currently despite increased availability of financial resources and new health technologies, many health indicators such as vaccination, infant mortality and life expectancy rates have shown only modest improvements around the world. This could be indicative of the need to review the relationship between the global health situation and humanitarian supply chain.

The lack of efficient supply chains for delivering health products and commodities is one of the reasons for the slow improvement in health outcomes. Such inefficiencies are especially pronounced in areas of the world where the prevalence of communicable diseases is extremely high.

The researchers at the Zaragoza Logistics Center aim at addressing these challenges, creating new knowledge around supply chains for global health, an intrinsic link for future improvement.

The research work seeks to apply new approaches, in order to make supply chains more robust, effective and efficient.

Main Researcher

Dr. Yasel Costa

Professor and PhD Program
Director, MIT-Zaragoza
Research Affiliate, MIT CTL

Main Achievements

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HELP project: Healthcare Logistics Education and Learning Pathway (2017-2020).

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