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Executive Programs

ZLC organizes Executive Education in Logistics and Supply Chain Management with companies and organizations to provide customized executive education experiences to individual enterprises and consortia. With the principal aim of meeting the specific needs of the respective organizations, ZLC provides the opportunity to focus intensively on specific issues vital to company goals.

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Customized programs

ZLC organizes regular customized executive education experiences with companies and organizations, providing them with the opportunity to focus on particular supply chain issues that are vital to achieve company goals.

We ensure success in our programs by addressing companies’ supply chain challenges through innovative frameworks and advanced learning methodologies: simulations, case studies, discussion panels, lectures, and academic projects, which are used to help bring academic learning into real life.

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Open programs

Our open programs, taught by ZLC faculty team and our allied industry experts, have been designed for supply chain executives worldwide, providing them with relevant and innovative topics, flexible learning options and networking opportunities.

These short open courses are ideal for those supply chain leaders facing new challenges, seeking a new role or eager for new and innovative knowledge.

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Customized Programs

ZLC provides education solutions tailor-made, to blend in perfectly with each company´s challenges and teams. This flexibility allows us to work closely with clients to design practical sessions, aligning best practices with course expectations.

Our programs are delivered worldwide, in different languages, by our faculty team or associate industry experts, taking into account that every topic and level should be taught in a way appropriate to the market and company needs.

1 Initial Assessment

An initial meet is held in order to assess the specific needs and desired outcome of the program.

2 Proposal

ZLC submits a proposal to meet customer’s stated objectives, with the program structure, fees and payment terms. Some interviews between executives and faculties may be conducted to further understand the challenges that the customer is facing.

3 Delivery

The program is delivered to the participants selected by the customer by ZLC faculties.

4 Feedback & Evaluation

Feedback from participants, stakeholders and faculties is requested both during and following the program to assure quality, fulfilment of expectations and continuous improvement.

2 Proposal

Mix and match to formulate a customized program for your company.
Choose some or all of carefully compiled ingredients to create your own recipe for success.

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• Advanced inventory management
• Demand planning
• S&OP (Sales and operation planning)
• Warehouse management optimization

• Collaboration in supply chain
• Suppliers and Purchasing
• Risk and resilience
• Outsourcing / Contracts management

• Distribution and transportation management
• Urban logistics
• Supply chain network design

• Latest trend in SC Research & Innovation
• Supply Chain digitalization
• Smart Logistics
• Big data / Data analytics

• Lean management, operational excellence
• Manufacturing logistics

• Retail supply chain
• Ecommerce and Omnichannel

• Supply chain finance

• Team management
• Project management for supply chain

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Open Programs

5th Edition | S&OP Online Course

icon language Spanish
icon duration  Oct-Nov, 2020

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