Academic Partnership

Zaragoza Academic Partnership (ZAP)

The Zaragoza Academic Partnership (ZAP) Program allows companies to sponsor ZLC students’ thesis projects for both masters ZLOG and MDSC. It is an initiative to enhance applied research and bring industry-academia relationships closer together in the field of supply chain management. Each year students are required to complete thesis projects and many of them work with our partner companies on challenging and innovative research projects through the ZAP Program.

Zaragoza Logistics Center is a research and educational institute affiliated to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Zaragoza. Core research areas in logistics and supply chain management at Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) strive to be actionable and applied so that people and organizations can make decisions and take action.

So far 87 companies have participated in our national and international programs, among them some of the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25:


The ZAP Program gives students the opportunity to work closely with industry professionals on a real-life supply chain problem, and gives companies an opportunity to interact with a student or student team along with a professor as expert thesis advisor who together bring new insights and approaches to an active supply chain project. Download ZAP Guide

Research Projects start in October and finish the following May.

Master Thesis

Interact with a student supervised by an expert thesis advisor who will bring new insights and approaches to a real-life supply chain challenge in your company.

Student Recruitment:

Get priority access to highly qualified, in-demand supply chain professionals.

Research Fest:

Join the Research Fest where students present their final thesis projects covering a range of topics focused on various aspects of supply chain.

ZLC Executive Education:

Get priority access to ZLC open programs and benefit from a 15% discount on both open and customized executive education programs.

MIT Global SCALE Network:

Expand your network on the worldwide coverage and across all industries.

Events attendance:

Engage in summits, symposia, workshops, conferences, seminars and roundtables organized by ZLC.


• Solve a problem
• Research orientation
• Access to data
• Assigned staff member

Samples of completed projects are available in the research journals from past academic courses in the form of selected thesis executive summaries. Download the research journal to read the summaries of selected projects by ZLC graduates class of 2023.

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