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Nowadays Supply Chain Management is one of the most critical areas for any global company as it can bring about huge benefits in terms of efficiency. After more than ten years working for multinational organizations in partnership with MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics - one of the world’s foremost schools of engineering - ZLC is launching its own corporate outreach Program.

The ZLC Corporate Program, with three levels of partnership, offers a unique opportunity to global companies to enhance its supply chain. Choose the partnership that best matches your needs and participate in one of the most active communities that considers supply chain as an invaluable competitive advantage.

So far 33 companies have participated in ZLC programs. Partners include:

Contact: Susana Val, ZLC Director

[email protected]

Enhance applied research and closer industry-academia relationships being an Academic Partner. Benefits:

  • Master Thesis: Interact with a student supervised by an expert thesis advisor who will bring new insights and approaches to a real-life supply chain challenge in your company.
  • Student Recruitment: Get priority access to highly qualified and in-demand supply chain professionals.
  • Research Fest: Join the Research Fest where students present their final thesis projects covering a range of topics focused on various supply chain aspects.
  • ZLC Executive Education: Get priority access to ZLC open programs and benefit from a 15% discount on both open and customized executive education programs.
  • MIT Global SCALE Network: Expand your network on the worldwide coverage and across all industries.
  • Events: Engage in all summits, symposia, workshops, conferences, seminars and roundtables organized by ZLC. MIT Global SCALE Newsletter: Be kept informed of the news and events.

In addition to all the benefits a_orded to an Academic Partner, a Research Partner also includes:

  • Research Project: A research project developed by ZLC that can address any innovation challenge identified by your company in the field of supply chain management. The project scope remains to be further defined, on average ZLC will allocate a researcher (70 full-day equivalent working days) for up to 1 year.
  • Research Club: Connect with supply chain advisors and receive deeper insights on projects, publications, research learning and results on a topic concerned to your company. Also, engage in research projects and know insights beyond the published results of research.
  • Global Supply Chain Research Forum: Join both the Research.
  • Fest and the Research Panel Discussion, where companies and researchers have the opportunity to network and discuss about the latest research trends in supply chain applied to real life success cases. At the same time, provide new ground for research in those areas and help shape ZLC research agenda.
  • 2nd Master Thesis: Sponsor a second master thesis and benefit from the special discount of 30%.

In addition to all the benefits afforded to an Academic Partner and a Research Partner, a Corporate Partner also includes:

  • Endowed Chair Professor: Access to cutting edge research results from the work of an Endowed Chair Professor and also get the support in promoting innovative insights and practices to ensure front-runner status in your company.
  • Company Day: Align research with both the business and supply chain strategy guided by the experience and knowledge of ZLC experts and with the aim of improving the efficiency in your company.
  • White Papers: Deliver joint white papers in specific research topics of common interest between ZLC and your company.
  • European and International Research Consortiums: Get the chance of being an influencer on R&D supply chain priorities and topics.
  • Advisor Committee: Be a member of the advisor committee at ZLC and contribute to the successful development of a research and educational institution.
  • Sabbatical stay (1 chair for 1 year at ZLC): Live a mind-blowing experience for 1 year in Zaragoza, developing your personal and professional career together with ZLC faculty and researchers.
  • ZLOG/MDSC (1 student fee waiver): Join one of the masters programs taught at ZLC.
  • Sponsorship: Sponsor the PhD summer academy, full tuition masters’ scholarships, students’ awards, events, white papers or corporate spaces at ZLC facilities among others.
  • MIT Executive Education (1 complimentary seat per year): Join the industry-leading Executive Program “Supply Chain Management: Driving Strategic Advantage” taught by distinguished faculty at campus MIT in Boston, USA.
  • Talent Management: Get the support of ZLC to assess the greatest supply chain talent in your organization. Also, ZLC can identify which employees are suitable to join both ZLC and MIT Executive Education programs.