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Nadja Gassner, ZLOG 2019

“During the ZLOG we learn about analytical methods, supply chain concepts that we apply in practical thesis projects. This is what makes the knowledge realistic to me”.

Camilo Gutiérrez

“The topics covered in this program have allowed me to keep abreast of the latest trends and keep updated on the modern concepts related to the Supply Chain.”

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Antonio Lacoma

““ZLC is one of the leading exponents of logistics in Aragon and we have close ties since the beginning.”

LC Waikiki, 2017

“ZLC has done a great job organizing such a training programme. I would recommend to everybody who would like to expand their view and understanding of the logistics.”

Lumis Partners

“The learning program designed by ZLC has been very practical and relevant including topics such as transport optimization, network design and Supply Chain strategy. We have learnt how to apply the theory in everyday life. It’s great to see how crucial and important the supply chain of a company is to run its operations successfully. We’re looking forward to continuing with this collaboration between Lumis partners and ZLC in the near future”.

Logistics Academy

“The Academy of Logistics feels enormously grateful after these years of collaboration, for the excellent logistical training to our lieutenants, colonels and commanders.”

Lineth Rodríguez, PhD Summer Academy 2017

“The lecturers from respectful professors in the matter and the opportunity of living in Zaragoza the MIT experience has been a dream that certainly exceeded my expectations.”

Sang Jo Kim, PhD 2015

“My stay at MIT for one academic year was really special and memorable, learning from world-renowned professors and attending classes together with smart students.”

Amir Behzad Samii, PhD 2010

“The teaching experience and research network provided me with immediate access to several academic and industry career offers upon graduation, comfortably allowing me to select the option that best matched my life aspirations.”

Benjamin Neil Sanford, ZLOGb 2018

“I chose ZLC because of its tight relationship with MIT, and its diverse background of necessities and the different cultures between the students and faculty.”

David Uherka, ZLOGb 2019

“ZLOGb program was a great fit for me to expand the knowledge in several fields with just 4 month interruption in my current role.”

Hani Alkhatib, ZLOGb 2019

“The best part was being surrounded by 180 students and had the chance to work together during the 3 weeks in MIT.”

Martin Wieser, ZLOGb 2018

“ZLC for me was the logical choice because of its affiliation with MIT and its in Europe in Spain, and the faculty we have.”

Luis Racca, ZLOG 2018

“Having studied at ZLC has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s a short but intensive program that pays back quite fast. Its industry experienced faculty, multicultural class and connections with most important companies in Europe, were a natural environment that boosted my career”.

Cristian Pina, MDSC 2020

“What finally made me decide to study the MDSC was the good references from my colleagues at HIAB. They are also graduates from the master’s degree and have done remarkable work from management positions in the company”. Read success story

Leticia Berdún, MDSC 2019

“I studied the MDSC because ZLC is a worldwide reference and prestige center. The training received has allowed me to achieve professional development according to my expectations and has given me a solid knowledge of the world of logistics”.