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The Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) is the vital link between ZLC and the community in terms of the exchange of knowledge, which includes know-how, skills and expertise, for both commercial and non-commercial applications. Through knowledge transfer, the Office aims to forge close ties with industry, business, public administration, and the wider public for the improvement of the area of logistics and SCM in the Region of Aragon and beyond.

Our KTO was officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science in January 2008 with reference number 218.


KTO plays a central role in the protection, dissemination, exchange, and commercialization of knowledge created at the Zaragoza Logistics Center and aspires to become the gateway for easy access to the intellectual resources nurtured by the center.

Knowledge Transfer is the process by which the scientific knowledge, expertise, or know-how generated by a group of researchers, is finally used either by the agents who make up the productive system or by the public administration. Usually the last step in knowledge transfer is the commercialization of a certain process or service. Thanks to knowledge transfer we can promote and manage the relationships between the work of research, business, public administration and society. We can ensure that research results become useful and applicable rather than remaining purely theoretical. Transferring research results can bring real benefits from research in many ways. From a business perspective, logistics can enhance company processes, reduce costs etc., resulting in customer satisfaction. From a social and public perspective, knowledge transfer disseminates results of new research to society, stimulates agreements between research and industry, and generates jobs, income and economic growth for a particular region.


The KTO is a central unit that provides administrative support for the center's research activities. Activities undertaken by the KTO include the following: 

  • Promotion of ZLC’s research output and know-how to both private and public sectors
  • Coordination of knowledge transfer activities conducted by ZLC stakeholders
  • Support for research policy formulation and strategic planning at ZLC
  • Support services for the obtainment and management of external research grants schemes, including funding allocation, monitoring research progress and expenditures
  • Focal point for internal research information dissemination and external liaison
  • Development and maintenance of a central database for research activities
  • Intellectual property protection and management
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Carolina Ciprés, [email protected] 
Director of Research Programs
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Teresa de la Cruz, [email protected] 
Project Manager
+34 976 077 635

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Mar Vicente, [email protected]
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