1st Global Health Supply Chain Summit

  • November 6, 2008
  • NH Gran Hotel, Zaragoza (Spain)

The goal of the summit is to gain insight into the key drivers for achieving supply chain success in different global health initiatives and explore how these proven successes from disease specific programs can be extended to broader health systems. The summit will bring together policy makers from key international institutions, global health donors and recipient countries, supply chain leaders from different global health initiatives and leading academics from the area of supply chain management in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and stimulate new approaches to global health supply chain management.

Conference Objectives

  1. There has been very limited dialogue between different vertical health programs (for example HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, Reproductive Health, Vaccines) about the factors that have contributed to supply chain successes in each respective program. For example, HIV/AIDS and vaccine programs have relatively well functioning supply chains but have yet to be rigorously analyzed in order to determine what has led to these successes. The GHSC summit will attempt to extract from each vertical program, the key success factors that contribute to better supply chains for delivering global health products.
  2. The GH Summit will address the issue of whether the successes of vertical programs can be leveraged to build stronger and better supply chains for broader global health delivery. In essence, can medicine supply chains that incorporate the information richness and logistical efficiency of the HIV/AIDS supply chain or the program/planning effectiveness of the vaccine supply chain be designed for multiple products?
  3. Many in academia have expressed interest in working on global health supply chains issues and desire a better issue understanding of global health supply chain issues. The GHSC summit will provide a baseline understanding of these issues and help define a long term research agenda for global health supply chains.

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  • Start Date:November 6, 2008
  • End Date:November 7, 2008
  • Location:NH Gran Hotel, Zaragoza (Spain)