2nd Global Health Supply Chain Summit

  • December 3, 2009
  • Paraninfo of the University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza (Spain)

“Bringing Industry, Government, NGOs and Academia Together: What can be learned from the for-profit world?”

The 2nd Global Health Supply Chain Summit (GHSC Summit 2009) will take place in Zaragoza, Spain, on December 3rd and 4th, 2009. This year´s event is all about how to transfer knowledge between different sectors (e.g., private, NGOs, public and academia), industries (e.g., retail, fmcg, etc.), and regions (e.g., a developed nation vs a developing nation). Inadequate healthcare supply chains in resource constrained settings contribute to poor product and service uptake, and, thus, limited coverage of the population. This impedes large segments of the population from accessing health products and services, and leads to unnecessary illness and death. There is a close link between the design and management of supply chain flows (product, information, and funds) and the success of a supply chain. Private sector companies have invested endless resources in improving the way they perform operations both in developed and developing countries. Cost-effective analysis contributes to the understanding of the trade-off between quality and cost, supply network design contributes to build good supply chains that support organizational strategies, outsourcing allows companies to do just what they do best, inventory management keeps companies from unnecessarily incurring inventory-imbalances costs, and contracts theory ensures the best agreement between two players. All these are a few examples of ways that have been considered in depth in the past to help to improve a supply chain. What was the evolution of private sector supply chain in developing countries? Would the evolution of global health supply chain be similar? Are there lessons that can be transferred between sectors?

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  • Start Date:December 3, 2009
  • End Date:December 4, 2009
  • Location:Paraninfo of the University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza (Spain)