• March 2, 2010

March 2nd 2010 in Brussels: EIRAC Task Force Meeting and Workshop, hosted by Procter & Gamble

The next EIRAC Task Force meeting and Workshop will be held in Brussels (P&G premises) on March 2nd, 2010. The meeting will address the topic of Integrated Sustainability, and the definition of the fundamentals of the new EIRAC Strategic Research Agenda and Implementation Plan.

Launched in 2005, the European Intermodal Research Advisory Council (EIRAC) is a peer group of more than 50 high level industrial players. The EIRAC members are intermodal operators, terminal handling, freight villages, modal transport operators, forwarders, ports, equipment suppliers, cargo owners, high educational institutions, and authorities. EIRAC brings together authoritative individuals with decision making capabilities to contribute with significant advice and to influence the stakeholders in investing to innovate and change. The EIRAC aims at the following objectives: Stimulate the main public stakeholders and market players in the Intermodal and Logistics domain to invest into research; Strengthen the potential of research results to be endorsed and used by the market; Provide the assessment of these results, both before and after the execution of research, including the financial conditions needed to ensure the full exploitation of the innovation; Ensure that its work is communicated in a professional way to the “outsiders” (i.e., non-EIRAC members, or International Parties), so that they also can benefit from the work and improve their level of information; Foster the participation of industrial SMEs in innovating and changing their mindset, eventually participating in research projects; Stimulate the implementation of indications contained in the Implementation Plan into national programmes of research, including the identification of needs for breakthrough technologies; Enhance the opportunities to participate to or observe EIRAC works; Stimulate the creation of Intermodal Advisory Councils or Technology Platforms at national level;

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