From Big Data to Action: Supply Chain Control Towers

  • February 20, 2015
  • Hotel Catalonia, Plaza España 6-8 Barcelona

Inmersed in ever-changing, fast moving world, Supply Chain is no exception to progress. As such, we are holding this One-Day Executive Education Program as example of ZLC´s continual response to modern day development.

2 sessions on Big Data (3h). Professor: Fabrizio Salvador, Adjunct Professor at Zaragoza Logistics Center and Professor of Operations Management at IE Business School
  • What is Big Data? What opportunities does it open up for companies?
  • What changes are needed in order to take advantage of Big Data? The case of Capital One
  • Big Data or Business Analytics? An example of a company that works on projects
  • Applications for participant companies

2 sessions on Control Tower (3h). Professor: Rahul Singh, ENTERCOMS

Brief Description:
  • Modern supply chains are complex entities — spanning multiple geographies, customers, and vendors — and running them effectively requires synchronization across several systems and data sources. Recently, supply chain control towers have emerged as solutions to the problem of providing end-to-end visibility and alerting mechanisms to managers. However, when combined with big data analytics, they can transform from being visibility and calculation-only tools to fast and effective interpretation mechanisms to drive specific actions in the supply chain. Showcasing applications from a variety of industries and supply chain functions, this course will explain how supply chain organizations can overcome technology and organizational barriers to achieve success through control towers and big data analytics. 
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  • Start Date:February 20, 2015
  • End Date:February 20, 2015
  • Location:Hotel Catalonia, Plaza España 6-8 Barcelona