“Sustainable Supply Chains & Sustainability” Gala 2010

  • June 2, 2010
  • Netherlands


Supply chain management and the agenda of the CEO

The Sustainability Gala 2010 will host the world launch of the final research results, to be presented by MIT Professor David Simchi-Levi. Insights and results coming from the latest large scale MIT/ TruEconomy research into supply chain management and the agenda of the CEO will be presented at the Sustainability Gala dinner. Company leaders realize that sustainability goes beyond countering threats like global warming, regulations and customer backlash and actually holds opportunities for supply chain configuration, collaboration and cost effectiveness. How to embrace sustainability in your supply chain? How to leave the level of countering fears of sustainability and to achieve the level of materializing on the opportunities of sustainable supply chains?

You will be part of the world premiere of the findings presentation of the MIT research to answer those questions. All attendees will be the first to receive a copy of the executive summary.

Who should attend?

How can we create sustainable supply chains? Is supply chain management an important topic on the agenda of today’s business leaders? How can you make sure that your company is creating value for your shareholders and the corporation? This conference will gather the world’s most dynamic and senior executives, holding top positions within multinationals, to discuss how to create sustainable supply chains. The Sustainable Supply Chains sessions and Sustainability Gala dinner are primarily aimed at C-level and supply chain executives.

Why attend?

  • An exclusive gathering for the world’s most dynamic and senior executives
  • Highly relevant content from the world’s thought leaders in sustainability and supply chain management
  • Excellent network opportunities with the most prominent executives

Confirmed speakers:

Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Prize winner

David Simchi-Levi, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Engineering Systems division, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gerard Kleisterlee, President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board of Management and the Group Management Committee, Philips

André Veneman, Sustainability Director, Akzo Nobel Bart Vos, NEVI professor of Purchasing Management, Tilburg University

Prashant Yadav, professor of supply chain management, the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program

Roger van Boxtel, chairman of the board of de Groene Zaak, Menzis, the Netherlands Committe of the IUCN, the World Conservation Union and former Dutch Minister of Urban Centers and Integration.

Lawrence Hutter, partner, Deloitte

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  • Start Date:June 2, 2010
  • End Date:June 2, 2010
  • Location:Netherlands