Dr. Yosef Sheffi

Dr. Yosef Sheffi

Professor of Supply Chain Management at the MIT-Zaragoza Program and Director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics

Dr. Yossi Sheffi is the Elisha Gray II Prof. of Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he serves as Director of the Center for Transportation & Logistics and Professor of Supply Chain Management at the MIT-Zaragoza Program of ZLC.

He is a faculty member of the MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, as well as the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society. He is an expert in systems optimization, risk analysis and supply chain management.

He is the author of several best-selling and award-winning books, including Balancing Green(MIT Press, 2018), The Power of Resilience (MIT Press, 2015), Logistics Clusters (MIT Press, 2012), The Resilient Enterprise (MIT Press, 2005) and Urban Transportation Networks (Prentice Hall, 1985).

Yossi has consulted with leading enterprises and founded or co-founded five successful companies: LogiCorp (acquired by Ryder in 1994); PTCG (acquired by Sabre in 1996); e-Chemicals (acquired by AspenTech in 2001); Logistics.com (acquired by Manhattan Associates in 2003); and Syncra Systems (acquired by Retek in 2004).

More information: https://sheffi.mit.edu/