Dr. Rogelio Oliva, ZLC Professor, wins POM Society’s Skinner Teaching Innovation Award


Rogelio OlivaWe are delighted to share the news that the ZLC Professor and MIT Sloan PhD alum in system dynamics, Rogelio Oliva, has been awarded the Skinner Teaching Innovation Award by the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS). 

The purpose of this award is to recognize impact and innovation in the teaching of Production and Operations Management courses. Congratulations Rogelio! 
Award Criteria 
  • Pedagogical excellence. This could be documented through the diversity of courses taught and student evaluations, letters of support from former students and/or assessments of knowledgeable colleagues.
  • Creativity and/or innovation. This would be reflected in teaching approaches and methodologies (e.g., team teaching, student teams, action learning, role playing, etc.) and/or new ways for understanding actual operations problems and the methods that can be applied to deal with them (e.g., frameworks, technology, software, etc.).
  • Impact. In this case, impact on the field, the profession, students/executives, and managers is of relevance. Various types of evidence could be offered to demonstrate that the applicant’s teaching has influenced the world of POM. Having taught large numbers of students is certainly one measure of impact, but more important is evidence that the applicant’s teaching has influenced behavior. This could be documented via letters from former students, statements from people in industry who have hired former students, and letters from other academics who have themselves been influenced by the applicant’s teaching (e.g., by adopting a book, case or course structure). 


Professor Oliva is truly a master of the case method of teaching. His former students describe his classes as extremely demanding, even stressful, but their appreciation is clear from his consistently school-leading teaching evaluations as well as the remarkable 12 teaching awards that he has received in his 16 years of teaching. Former students consistently comment that Prof. Oliva’s classes were transformational for them in the professional journeys. In addition, he has made substantial contributions to our profession through his numerous case method workshops around the world, as well as his widely-adopted Harvard Business School cases and teaching notes.