FUTUREMED active at the 6th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics (ECITL)


After a thorough evaluation process two FUTUREMED papers were presented during the 6th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics (ECITL) that was held from 23rd till 25th October 2013 in Zaragoza (Spain). The paper “ICT for cooperative supply chain visibility within a port centric intermodal setting: The case of the Thessaloniki port-rail-dryport integration”, was presented by Eliza Gagatsi and focused on the challenge of improving supply chain visibility in the case of a Med port-rail-dryport setting that the FUTUREMED project testifies. The paper placed supply chain visibility within its wider context and described the Greek pilot aiming at enhancing such visibility by the use of ICT. On the other hand, Susana Val presented the paper “Spanish Port Hinterland Intermodal Information – FUTUREMED Pilot”, that showed the necessity of an information exchange system methodology for making more efficient port-hinterland intermodal corridors and how interoperability information systems contribute to this target. Thus, the paper reflected the pilot that is being designed and developed by the Spanish team, involved in the MED project FUTUREMED and that aims at analyzing the current port-hinterland situation in terms of accessibility barriers, information systems used and logistic activities in the corridor.

The conference focused on “Logistic Research: Solutions and Innovation through Cooperation” and put innovation in Transport Logistics as a main focus of the conference. The goal was to identify the upcoming logistic challenges, while taking into account solutions in development. Topics discussed included:

  • The future role of logistics for the pan-European economy;
  • Innovation obstacles in the logistic sector;
  • Expected Impact of European project solutions on the logistic industry;
  • The impact of regulations on the innovation capability of the logistic industry;
  • Fostering the uptake of sustainable logistic operations;
  • Explore the potential of intelligent cargo solutions;
  • Identify and define the role of new Information and Communication Technology solutions for logistic operations.

Watch the presentations here:

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