International Workshop on Secure Supply Chain Collaboration


The research institute Zaragoza Logistics Center in cooperation with the world’s leading provider of e-business software solutions SAP and several other academic institutions is organizing an International Workshop on Secure Supply Chain Collaboration, in Barcelona (Spain) on June 2, in parallel with the SIL 2009 Exhibition at the Fira de Barcelona-Gran Vía.

The workshop is open to all those interested in finding solutions to the challenges faced in data sharing and collaborative supply chain management across the supply chain. This is specifically aimed at reducing costs and securing data privacy. This event will bring together academics and industry experts to present and discuss the results of the SecureSCM project. This project has been developed in the 7th Framework Program of the EU between various academic institutions in joint cooperation with SAP Research. The meeting will further explain how companies within a Supply Chain can benefit from the results of this project.

Keynote speaker Stephen Miles, head of the Web Services WAN Special Interest Group of the Auto-ID Labs at MIT, has been invited to present his latest research work on the Cybertrust aspects of secure supply chain management. This talk is designed to familiarize listeners with the issues confronting cybersecurity experts today as they grapple to manage networks that are connected to “things”, via RFID sensors and actuators. Specific examples of what researchers are doing in specific application scenarios are explored, along with areas for further and future research.


15:30-16:00 Registration
16:00-16:20 Introduction/Welcome
Florian Kerschbaum, SAP
Santiago Kraiselburd, Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)
16:20-16:50 keynote Speaker: Stephen Miles
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Securing the Internet of Things: Cybertrust aspects of secure supply chain management
16:50-17:10 Richard Pibernik
European Business School (EBS)
Secure Supply Chain Master Planning
17:10-17:30 Stelvio Cimato
University of Milán (UNIMI)
Risk-driven Security Analysis of Supply Chains
17:30-17:50 coffee Break
17:50-18:10 Berry Schoenmakers
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TUE)
Secure Linear Programming
18:10-18:30 Antonio Zilli
DHITech, Technological District Puglia (DTH)
Security in Supply Chain: protecting private data for protecting competitiveness
18:30-19:30 Panel: “Future Secure Supply Chains” (SAP — lead, EBS, UNIMI, TUE, IU, DTH )

This workshop is organised by the Zaragoza Logistics Center in collaboration with the SecureSCM Project Partners: SAP, EBS, UNIMI, TUE, IU and DTH . Event’s website:

About SecureSCM Project
URL: www.securescm.orgIt is a long established and well-known fact that collaborative supply chain management and planning significantly reduces overall costs in a supply chain. However, it is not being exploited in practice due the fact that partners are reluctant to share the sensitive, but necessary data, such as unit costs or stock levels. This is due to the inherent risks associated with exposing this private data.

The Secure SCM project proposes to use cryptographic techniques of secure multi-party computation that allow computing the outcome of the supply chain optimization without any party revealing its data to any other party. All the benefits of an optimized supply chain without the data sharing risks should overcome the obstacles to practical adoption. In particular this project proposes to:

  • build unique protocols for data confidentiality during the exchange in supply chain optimization
  • implement and evaluate these protocols under real-world constraints using a prototype
  • demonstrate the benefits of data protection in the Aerospace and Logistics industry
  • research the obstacles to practical adoption of collaborative supply chain management
  • build the scientific foundation for privacy-preserving collaborative supply chain management

In summary SecureSCM will build the first practical solution for secure collaboration of supply chain partners to gain the advantages of collaborative supply chain planning, forecasting, benchmarking and management while protecting the confidentiality of their business critical data.

About Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)
Contact: Cristina Tabuenca, Marketing Manager,+34 976 077 611, [email protected]

The Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) is a research institute associated with the University of Zaragoza in Spain and designated by the Ministry of Education and Science in Spain to coordinate CNC-LOGISTICA, the National Center of Excellence in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. The ZLC partnered with the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics in 2003 to develop world class education and research in logistics and supply chain management. Research initiatives in the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program leverage the combined resources of the MIT laboratories and a large-scale industrial laboratory in Zaragoza to develop cutting-edge concepts and technologies. The ZLC also offers masters, doctoral and executive education programs, taught in both English and Spanish, to students from around the world.

About SAP

SAP has grown to become the worlds leading provider of e-business software solutions. With 12 million users, 96,400 installations, and more than 1,500 partners, SAP is the worlds largest inter-enterprise software company and the worlds third-largest independent software supplier, overall. SAP solutions help enterprises of all sizes around the world to improve customer relationships, enhance partner collaboration and create efficiencies across their supply chains and business operations. SAP employs over 39,300 people in more than 50 countries.

SAP Research is the technology research department of SAP and as an integral part of SAP’s R&D activities, SAP Research is responsible for identifying, researching, understanding, developing and evaluating new and emerging technologies, processes and e-business solutions that strategically influence the future of SAP business applications. SAP Research is a Global Business Unit under the direction of SAP AG operating research centres in various countries. These centres are usually co-located with academic partners and focused on specific research topics. Depending on the particular needs of the projects, SAP Research will consider distributing work packages among its locations in order to engage Researchers with the required expertise. This will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the execution of the project.

SAP industry solutions support the unique business processes of more than 25 industry segments, including high tech, retail, public sector and financial services. With the focus on applied research, SAP Research bridges the gap between open, collaborative research with external partners and exploitation into new or existing SAP product lines through SAP´s development groups. In the context of this document, SAP refers to SAP AG and its SAP Research Business Unit.

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