Professor Yossi Sheffi explains how Logistics Clusters deliver value and generate growth


Yesterday, Yossi Sheffi, international expert in SCM and Director and Systems Engineering Professor at the Center for Transportation and Logistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), attended a workshop organized by CSCMP Spain y Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC), in collaboration with IE Business School, where he presented his book “Logistics Clusters: Delivering Value and Driving Growth” and explained how logistics clusters generate growth value in multiple sectors.

In his book, Prof. Sheffi explained the principle advantages that logistic business sectors and groups – clusters – offer in a crisis-ridden economy, such as jobs often not able to be relocated.

These logistics clusters, according to the author, are responsible for real success stories, like in Zaragoza. As well as various references throughout, he devotes a whole chapter of the book to logistics clusters in Aragon, and considers the reason why leading companies, such as Inditex or Caladero have centralized their logistics operations in Zaragoza (PLAZA), rather than elsewhere, in other logistics nodes.

Yossi Sheffi during his presentation in the conference organized by CSCMP and ZLC in collaboration with IE Business School