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Setting a Steadier Course for Ocean
Ocean shipping has a reputation for not adhering to service agreements, particularly when it comes to on-time delivery. Research under way at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics aims to determine how reliable the ocean mode really is, and whether measures to fix the problem are worthwhile.

Islam’s Logistics Challenges
Growing worldwide demand for halal products-those products that comply with Islamic law-represents a huge opportunity for companies that conform to Islamic business principles. The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation plans to launch research that will help companies develop supply chains geared to the halal code.

Putting Supply Chain Innovation to Work
How can companies exploit the supply chain innovations that are embedded in their relationships with core trading partners? The MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program is helping two companies, Carrefour and DHL Supply Chain, to do just that-and during the process it has uncovered some exciting innovations.

Truck Project Drives Reform in Chilé
Chilé is working to develop a world-class freight industry. A project to make the country’s trucks more fuel efficient, which involves CLI Chilé, TNT Chilé, and government agencies, is advancing the cause by introducing new testing standards and setting precedents for the adoption of best practices.


ZLC Engaged in Cutting-Edge Research

Sustainable Distribution in Cities

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Forum Will Focus on HR Issues

New Program in Malaysia Inaugurated

MISI Accepting Master’s Applications

Major Colombian Retailer to Publish Research Results

Turning a Lemon into Lemonade


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