Supply Chain Frontiers Issue # 46


The Rise of Logistics Clusters

Industry clusters come in many shapes and sizes, from the concentration of hi-tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to the community of moviemakers in Hollywood. Logistics clusters not only bring enterprises together to share logistics expertise, but also create jobs that are not vulnerable to offshoring. Professor Yossi Sheffi, Director of the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, explains the many benefits of logistics clusters in his new book, Logistics Clusters: Delivering Value and Driving Growth


A New Roadmap for the Auto Industry 

The growing economic influence of Asia and innovations such as hybrid cars are two trends that are redefining the auto manufacturing industry. A new research initiative planned by the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation will analyze changes like these and explore the supply chain management implications.


Euro Project Targets Med Ports

Mediterranean ports have long been important gateways to Europe, but the entry of eastern countries into the European Union and the growth of markets in the Far East bring new challenges to these facilities. The Zaragoza Logistics Center is one of the primary partners in a research project that aims to help Mediterranean ports meet these challenges.


Bringing Globalization into the Classroom 

Teamwork is a vital component of supply chain management, but in today’s globalized business world people also must learn how to work in teams that span multiple countries. Four students from the Graduate Certificate in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management (GC-LOG) program, offered by the Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation, gained this experience as part of a thesis project. 



Do You Plan Long or Short?

SCALE Master’s Programs Post Impressive Numbers 

MIT and Penn State Launch Scholarship 

Top Names at ZLCs Retail Program 

Big City Project in Brazil 

Funding for SME Research at MISI



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