Supply Chain Frontiers Issue # 47


Tracking Future Perils
Keeping track of the current risks that could disrupt supply chain operations is difficult enough. But what about the ones in the pipeline that have yet to make an impact? A recent symposium on risk management held on the MIT campus considered these emerging risks.

Can India’s Rural Farms Flourish in World Markets?
In a country as vast as India, it probably comes as no surprise that the agricultural sector is huge and represents a significant portion of the nation’s GDP. But its large size does not guarantee that the industry can compete globally. The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation has proposed a study that will help to put India’s rural farms on the global map.

Removing the Roadblocks to Horizontal Collaboration
Sharing truck space in order to reduce carbon emissions and increase supply chain efficiency is a strategy with which logistics managers are familiar. However, while the idea looks good on the drawing board, putting it into practice is extremely challenging. The Zaragoza Logistics Center, Zaragoza, Spain, is involved in research that is paving the way for freight vehicle capacity sharing.

GCLOG Expands to Meet Regional Demand
It is an auspicious year for the Graduate Certificate in Logistics & Supply Chain Management (GCLOG) program in Latin America. Launched five years ago, the program has just expanded to include universities across the region. These developments reflect the growing maturity of the supply chain management discipline in Latin America.


SCALE Challenge Adopts Fresh Platform

MISI Program Closes Critical Gaps in Supply Chain Executive Knowledge

ZLC Co-Developing Emissions Software for Logistics

Webinar Series Opens with Strategy Event

First European Technology Logistics Platform Project Initiated at ZLC

Ocean Reliability the Focus of November Roundtable

New Partners for MIT CTL

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