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Counting the Cost of Liquidity in the Euro Zone
Supply chain management needs to understand finance and vice versa. In Europe, the case for promoting a mutual understanding between the functions has never been greater as companies grapple with a liquidity crisis.

Exit-Door Avoidance Strategies
It is widely accepted that supply chain talent is at a premium, and one way to maintain staffing levels is to dissuade people from leaving the organization. At a recent talent management roundtable, companies discussed staff retention methods.

Hitching Transportation to the Asian Growth Engine
Freight transportation is not seen as a major component of supply chain strategy in Asia. This perception must change if companies are to design supply chains capable of supporting the region’s dynamic growth.

When Pieces Are Missing from the Carbon Puzzle
A project in Chile to evaluate a manufacturer’s carbon footprint encountered a stumbling block: a lack of information on truck fuel efficiency. The researchers had to look elsewhere for the data.


SCM as Future Enabler the Theme of Crossroads 2013

Study Shows How Collaboration Can Deliver Green Savings

SCALE Student Gathering the Largest Ever

The Art of Supply Chain Management

Humanitarian Blog Launched

Math and Operations the Focus of New Conference

ZLC Partners with Republic of Kazakhstan


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